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VIP/Phoenix Mock interview Preparation event with Pathways and Nelsons solicitors

28 Feb 2024

During the recent half term, the Youth Justice team at Leicestershire cares hosted several employability sessions for our VIP/Phoenix participants. These sessions, including mock interview preparation delivered by Pathways, focused on equipping participants for their mock interviews at Nelsons Solicitors on Monday 19th of February.

The session delved into the importance that body language plays in interviews, emphasizing how non-verbal cues can significantly impact first impressions and overall communication effectiveness. Furthermore, it stressed the importance of dressing formally, as attire can convey professionalism and respect for the opportunity.

Participants also received guidance on effectively responding to interview questions, using the CAR method (Context, Action, Result), providing them with a structured approach to formulate responses.

Moreover, the session discussed the benefits of volunteering, not only as a way to give back to the community but also as an opportunity to develop valuable skills, expand professional networks, and demonstrate commitment and initiative to potential employers.

A massive thank you goes to Ross Harrison From Pathways for delivering this invaluable session

It was great to be back at Leicestershire Cares facilitating an interview skills workshop. I hope the young people found it helpful and I wish them well with their college and work interviews in the future. I look forward to working with everyone again soon

Ross Harrison - Strategic outreach officer - Pathways

Mock Interview Day

On the Day of the Mock Interview, participants prepared to head to Nelson Solicitors, where they would undergo mock interviews, offering them a glimpse into real-world interview scenarios.

Following the mock interviews, participants left with newfound confidence, particularly as they prepared for upcoming college/job interviews. The exposure and experience gained during the mock interviews equipped them with valuable skills and insights, enabling them to approach future interviews with assurance.

Participants received constructive feedback on areas for improvement post-interviews, which they found invaluable. They expressed gratitude for the insights provided, acknowledging the significance of this learning opportunity.

It was my first time doing a mock interview and didn’t know what to expect the interviews were nice and now I know what I have to work on to improve for future jobs

Phoenix Participant

A heartfelt thank you extends to Danielle Young at Nelson Solicitors for organizing and facilitating the interviews, as well as to the 4 dedicated volunteers- Grace Peach, Georgina Sheppard, Naomi Bond, and Amy Tivey who generously contributed their time to interview our young participants. Their support and guidance were key in ensuring a successful and enriching experience for all involved.

It was Nelsons’ absolute pleasure to host the participants of the Leicestershire Cares Phoenix Project at our offices recently for mock interviews. It was wonderful to meet such engaging and bright individuals who are working hard to secure their futures in the world of work. Offering experiences such as this to local young people is invaluable and Nelsons are proud to support Leicestershire Cares with this brilliant project. We’d like to extend our congratulations to the young people who took part, who were fantastic throughout the session. They were all polite, friendly, and had clearly been working hard on their interview skills. We wish them all the very best with their future endeavours to find work and look forward to partnering with Leicestershire Cares on more similar projects. Our thanks as well to Chikodi, Jennifer, and all the team at Leicestershire Cares everything they do to facilitate such events

Danielle Young - Legal Director - Nelsons Solicitors

The mock interview/preparation served as a significant milestone in the journey of our participants towards professional growth and development. Through the support of facilitators and volunteers, they were provided with a platform to prepare their interview skills and gain invaluable real-life experience.

Written by

Jennifer Rodall

VIP Youth Worker

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Youth Justice Project Development Manager

Chikodi Oraka

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