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VIP Participant commences Apprenticeship with CPW Leicester

30 Aug 2023

On the VIP Project, we received a referral from Turning Point for a female participant in 2022. During her initial assessment and subsequent sessions, she came across as a young person who needed guidance and was driven to succeed in life. JG had obtained good grades in her GCSE exams, but she was unsure about which career path to follow.

As part of the intervention provided, JG took part in a career assessment, and she expressed interest in Business administration. Contact was made with CT Skills and other apprenticeship providers to enable JG ask questions and explore her options. JG also participated in mock interviews and submitted various job and apprenticeship applications.

In the course of our search, we had a meeting with John Hauton, Director of CPW Leicester to learn more about what they do, and how we could work collaboratively in future. In one of our sessions, JG was shown CPW’s website. JG was interested and contact was made with John Hauton at CPW Leicester.

It went amazing, everyone is really nice and supportive. I learnt how to make drawings of buildings on the CAD software, it’s very interesting and I enjoyed it.


John set me a task and I wanted to get the task done and I am very pleased about it. I tried my hardest this week and I really enjoyed myself. I want to thank you for this experience. It was amazing and I had a great time.

VIP Participant

John Hauton provided a career talk, and JG expressed keen interest in learning more about the job of a building services engineer. John Hauton subsequently provided JG with the opportunity to take part in work experience at their Leicester office. When this was concluded, John was very impressed in the quality of work submitted by JG, and he invited her to apply for an apprenticeship.

JG was proactive in writing her cover letter and received support with amending it accordingly from Leicestershire Cares. She was also supported with the apprenticeship application process. Based on the work she submitted during her work experience and the reference she received from John Hauton, JG was offered an apprenticeship and she was invited to start in July rather than September.

JG was ecstatic that she received this offer and has now commenced her apprenticeship where she is learning and working to a high standard. She has been commended by her supervisor Joana, on her eagerness to learn and excellent work ethic.

This success story clearly exemplifies our Power to Change model; we worked collaboratively with JG to help her identify and sort out her immediate issues (power within). In order to do this, we had goal setting sessions and she was provided with books to help her with her personal development. By organising meetings with John Hauton, we came to the power with strand where she was able to build relationships and networks. The final strand of the Power to Change model is the power to element where JG was empowered to apply and secure an apprenticeship with CPW.

We are incredibly impressed by JG’s achievements and sincerely grateful to John Hauton at CPW for facilitating the work experience and assisting JG with obtaining an apprenticeship. We wish JG every success in future.

CPW have been delighted to work with Chikodi from the Youth Justice Team. The chance to make a difference to Young Peoples lives is an invaluable opportunity and we are really pleased to play a part. We have seen some success in that a Young person has gone through an initial Career Talk, Work Experience and now has a place on our Apprenticeship Scheme which shows the system does work!

John Hauton, CPW Director

If you are a business and you would like to get involved in the work that we do by providing valuable work experience/work trials, please get in touch using the email address below.

Youth Justice Project Development Manager    

Chikodi Oraka

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