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VIP Lip Sync Animation and Employability Workshop

5 Jun 2023

The VIP project and Powering Up project collaborated with Pathways and MBD to deliver a lip sync animation project. The purpose of this workshop was to enable young people learn new animation skills whilst providing them with a creative platform to explore the following questions:

  1. What is your career of choice?
  2. Your message to employers- Why is it important to you to have access to work experience opportunities?

There were 4 males and 4 females in attendance over the two sessions. During this session, participants were provided with a safe space to express themselves, ask questions, and learn new skills. John Whall, Participation and Outreach Lead at MBD delivered two workshop sessions at Leicestershire Cares where he showed young people how to utilise animation software. During the first session, John introduced MBD and showcased some of the previous work done by MBD. He then proceeded to teach participants how to utilise a software called Blender. This session was focussed on teaching participants how to create an animation utilising certain tools. They also learnt how to animate certain features using short cuts.

In the second session, John taught participants how to animate their characters further to prepare them for recording. Participants found the sessions engaging and educational. Donna from Pathways provided participants with insight into the support she is able to provide, and it was agreed that on a future date, she would provide detailed guidance on how to prepare for and locate jobs in their chosen industries.

I learnt to edit my avatar and improve the facial expressions to get a full speech.

Participant feedback

I find it fascinating how you do it. It copies everything you do.

Participant feedback

I learnt how to animate a video to add mouth movements.

Participant feedback

I am so happy about today.

Participant feedback

I learnt how to create a character.

Participant feedback

It was a real pleasure to work with these young people and hear about their aspirations, while creatively exploring new skills. To go from never having used 3D software to creating animated characters, in a few hours, really demonstrated their adaptability and ability to learn in the right environments. I look forward to meeting them all again in future.

John Whall, Participation and Outreach Lead, MBD

Employability Workshop and MBD Work Tour

In order to provide participants with more tailored support, we felt it was necessary to provide participants with more tailored support as well as insight into the creative industry. The follow up animation session facilitated by Donna from Pathways provided a workshop to teach participants the importance of cultivating workplace behaviours such as good communication skills, team work, reliability, and a willingness to learn. She emphasised the importance of giving good eye contact when working in the workplace. She had a discussion with participants about time management and explained the importance of managing time effectively both in relation to arriving at work on time and whilst on the job. During the workshop, Donna reviewed C.V’s of participants and provided them with feedback; she also advised on next steps on how to access jobs and apprenticeships.

Resilience is the power to bounce back

Participant feedback

As always, it is a pleasure to work with Chikodi and the team supporting and advising the young people of Leicestershire. During this visit Pathways were able to provide the young people with a fantastic session on workplace behaviours and expectations, as well as some guidance on workplace contracts and terminology. The young people involved interacted with our content extremely well and were engaged throughout – using the information given and adapting for their own personal journeys. Pathways has now supported them with the academic and employment routes available to them and we wish them the absolute best with their future goals.

Donna Payne, Strategic Outreach Co-ordinator, Pathways

I learnt about rights and responsibilities in the workplace, contracts, and behaviours.

Participant feedback

Later in the afternoon, we attended a work tour at MBD where participants participated in a tour of the studio and working spaces. They were also able to speak with members of the MBD team who provided insight into some of the software used for creative productions. As part of the tour, participants took part in a virtual experience which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Great experience learning about what MBD does, introduction to VR and experiencing a different world.

Participant feedback

The animation sessions and subsequent employability sessions and work tour was hugely beneficial as participants acquired new skills and received practical guidance on how to access jobs and training. In line with our Power to change model, they left feeling empowered and are now able to go out and pursue their aspirations.

If you are a business and you would like to get involved in the work that we do by providing valuable work experience/work trials, please get in touch using the email address below.

Youth Justice Project Development Manager

Chikodi Oraka

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