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J.G Work Experience Case Study

13 Jan 2023

When JG was initially referred to the VIP Project, her case was subsequently closed because she had secured employment. However, JG eventually returned to seek out additional support. She requested guidance in identifying the relevant area in which she could pursue a long-term career.

During our sessions, JG took part in a career assessment, and she expressed interest in Business administration. Contact was made with CT Skills and other apprenticeship providers to enable JG ask questions and explore her options. JG also took part in mock interviews and submitted various applications.

It went amazing everyone is really nice and supportive. I learnt how to make drawings of buildings on the CAD software. It is very interesting, and I enjoyed it.

VIP Participant

We also approached John Hauton at CPW Leicester, and he facilitated a career talk which JG attended. She expressed interest in learning more about the job of a building services engineer. John Hauton kindly provided JG with the opportunity to take part in work experience at their Leicester office. When this was concluded, John was very impressed in the quality of work submitted by JG and he invited her to apply for an apprenticeship next year.

J.G was also very pleased with her efforts, and she confirmed that she intends to apply for the apprenticeship programme next year.

John set me a task and I wanted to get the task done. I am very pleased about it. I tried my hardest this week and I really enjoyed myself. I want to thank you for this experience. It was amazing and I had a great time.

VIP Participant