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VIP CV Clinic, Networking, and Employability Day

14 Aug 2023

Last month, the Violence Intervention Project hosted the CV Clinic, Networking, and Employability Day. Our business partners, such as Hinckley and Rugby Society, Nelson Law Solicitors, Samworth Brothers, Pochin, and Stepnell, were invited. The event's main goal was to equip participants with employability skills, motivate and inspire our participants regarding their future career opportunities needs.

The first half of the day was dedicated to fostering practical skills that are crucial in the professional world – mock interviews and in-depth CV. Business members generously volunteered their time to conduct mock interviews, this allowed participants to go through real interview situations and improve their interview skills. Our participants found this helpful, especially those new to formal interviews. Having the chance to receive feedback on their CVs also helped them understand what they could improve.

The mock interviews and CV reviews were incredibly valuable. The person who interviewed me was so nice. I now feel more prepared for actual interviews, and the feedback on my CV gave me clear direction on making it better

VIP Participant

Networking session

During the afternoon, business members shared career talks, and there was a chance to network. The networking session enabled participants to create valuable connections, interact with business members, ask questions, and build personal relationships. The networking session played a key role as participants were able to learn ' essential interpersonal skills crucial for success in various professional settings and business members got the opportunity to speak to the young people.

Meeting the individuals was the most enjoyable and felt rewarding. Also, meeting the event organisers, who were all very friendly and welcoming.

Kelly West, Senior People and Culture Manger, Hinckley and rugby building society

Career talks from the business members

Business members delivered career talks and shared their unique perspectives, enriching participants' understanding of various aspects of the professional world. Sue from Stepnell discussed personal branding, emphasizing the importance of creating a unique professional identity in a competitive job market. Danielle focused on workplace behaviour, covering critical topics like rights and disclosure, equipping participants with the knowledge to navigate their careers confidently. Tracy from Walkers and Sons emphasized the significance of work ethic and volunteering. Her talk shed light on how dedication, diligence, and contributing beyond the workplace can impact one's career positively. Niki from HRBS shared insights on interview skills, offering valuable tips on excelling in interviews and making a lasting impression on potential employers.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this event, it was a pleasure to work with the young people and the other business members

Tracy Renshaw,Communications and Engagement Partner,Walkerandson

The Violence Intervention Project would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to all the businesses and individuals involved in making this event a success. The support, guidance, and expertise provided by Hinckley and Rugby Society, Nelson Law Solicitors, Samworth Brothers, Pochin, and Stepnell were invaluable in enriching the experience of our participants and contributing to their professional growth.

A wonderful initiative to support young people on their journeys into the world of work, I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this day and providing support. It was clear the participants gained a lot from the day, which was well organised and fun whilst also focused on providing a breadth of support from different angles such as interview skills, employee rights and workplace skills.

Danielle Young , Senior Associate Solicitor, Nelsons Law

Written by

Jennifer Rodall

VIP Youth Worker

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Youth Justice Project Development Manager

Chikodi Oraka

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