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Hinckley and Rugby Building Society Budgeting workshop

16 Nov 2023

On Monday, the Violence Intervention/Phoenix Project hosted a budgeting workshop led by our business members, Hinckley and Rugby Building Society. The workshop aimed to emphasize the importance of budgeting and financial management. HRBS covered a range of topics, including money goals, benefits budgeting, utilizing technology for budgeting, and maintaining financial tracking.

During the first half of the session, the focus was on money goals and the advantages of effective budgeting. HRBS provided participants with practical budgeting sheets to help plan their finances and identify both short-term and long-term goals. This exercise prompted participants to reflect on their personal finances, identify potential obstacles, and prioritize budgeting to achieve their financial aspirations.

The second half of the session focused on utilizing technology for financial management and ensuring online safety. Participants were informed about various technical tools like spreadsheets and money management apps that can aid in managing their finances efficiently. Furthermore, the session emphasized the importance of staying safe online, including awareness about potential fraud and scams. Insights were shared on how to recognize scams and protect oneself from online threats.

As the session concluded, HRBS highlighted the importance of understanding finances in the workplace, emphasizing aspects such as interpreting payslips, understanding tax codes, and familiarizing participants with documents like P45 and P60. Many participants were previously unaware of this information. Participants left the session equipped with valuable knowledge to apply when entering the workforce.

Being a mutual Society with a real desire to share our knowledge and resources with our local communities can lead our people to take part in all manner of activities.

This week was all about sharing our knowledge of finances and budgeting with a group of young people some of whom were care experienced people and others have been involved in the criminal justice system. This event was organised by our very good friends at our local charity Leicestershire Cares.
We covered why budgeting is important, practical tips on how to do it, as well as dealing with credit and risks you can encounter from fraudsters.”

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

It was a huge success, as it covered issues around budgeting and personal finances which is often overlooked by young people. The session was interactive, and participants were encouraged to think more deeply about their options when spending money to enable their finances to stretch further. They were also equipped with tools to facilitate budgeting and identify fraudsters. We are truly grateful to HRBS for providing such a thorough session. Our participants found it very useful.

Youth Justice Project Development Manager

The Violence Intervention/Phoenix team expresses heartfelt gratitude to Tracy Ingram and Denise Bradshaw from Hinckley and Rugby Building Society for providing a valuable financial session. Your insights were invaluable, enhancing our participants' experience and contributing to their professional growth. Thank you!

Written by

Jennifer Rodall

VIP Youth Worker

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Youth Justice Project Development Manager

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