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19 Oct 2023

This week, the VIP and Phoenix project took advantage of the half-term and facilitated an employability and fun day. 6 participants comprising of 2 females and 4 males were in attendance. The group of participants were split into two, half of them were involved in a C.V building session and the other half were involved in a job search session.

During the C.V session, participants learnt about how to create a personal profile, the key words to utilise, and the best structure to use when creating a C.V. During the session, participants discussed the importance of work experience to help improve their skills, and to enable them look more attractive to employers. They also reviewed different career profiles on the Prospects website and learnt about the routes on how to acquire jobs in those industries.

Within the job search session, participants were provided with a handout to help them navigate various job search websites. Participants were taught how to register on Indeed and upload their C.V to apply for jobs. They were encouraged to practice applying for jobs so that they could do this independently. Participants were also taught how to find apprenticeships on the relevant Government website.

During the second half of the day, participants had lunch and played games. Two participants were courageous enough to perform a dance for their peers thus helping to break down barriers and build camaraderie amongst the group. Once lunch was over, we walked down to East Street Lanes, where participants had fun bowling and playing arcade games.

Yesterday was a very good and fun day. I have learnt how to do my CV and what to write in the CV. It was a safe place for everyone and I really enjoyed the bowling session. It was a beautiful place to go to and I would like to thank everyone for helping us and making us have a nice and fun day.


The Employability and Fun Day proved to be valuable and enjoyable to all. One participant had to go for a pre-booked hospital appointment, but he had such a good time, that he returned to join the group when he found out that his appointment had been cancelled by the hospital.

The entire day highlighted the importance of providing young people with a safe place to be young people where they can learn, play, and receive guidance. During the employability and fun day, participants were given a safe place within which to express themselves and to deal with issues around bulling, anxiety, and confidence. In line with Leicestershire Cares, Power to Change model, the power to strand focuses on equipping participants with the skills they require to access education, employment, or training.

Overall the event was a huge success and added value to participants. They left feeling better able to apply for jobs and understanding the next steps to take in to improve their C.V’s.

If you are a business and you would like to get involved in the work that we do by providing valuable work experience/work trials, please get in touch using the email address below.

Youth Justice Project Development Manager

Chikodi Oraka

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