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Hastings Direct Work Tour and Employability Day

17 Nov 2023

On Wednesday the 15th of November, our Youth Justice Team which comprises of the VIP and Phoenix project attended a work tour facilitated by Kieran Chand, Engagement Leader at Hastings Direct. The aim of this tour was to provide participants with the opportunity to gain insight into a professional place of work and provide them with the tools to improve their employability skills.

The session started off with an overview of the main areas most employers focus on which includes Attitude/Behaviours, Skills, and Knowledge. Participants were informed that employers focus 60% of their efforts on gauging the attitude of an applicant. It was highlighted that a good attitude was of more value to an employer because skills and knowledge can be taught during employment.

Participants were advised to ensure that their C.V’s contained their names, contact details, personal profile, education, career history, voluntary/work experience, achievements, hobbies and references. It was noted that if employers identified spelling mistakes and other errors on C.V’s and cover letters, they were likely to disregard such C.V’s and consider other candidates with well written C.V’s. Participants were therefore urged to ensure that they prepared for job interviews and answer the questions asked. It was also stated that before some employers provide a job offer, they will sometimes review social media postings of a prospective employee to ensure that that their social media account aligns with the organization’s values. Participants were therefore urged to think carefully before posting on social media.

The second half of the session was an interactive session which involved reviewing standard interview questions. Participants were required to choose a question, and they were each given ten minutes to draft out their answers. At the end of the allocated time, an interview was simulated, and feedback was provided to help participants improve upon their responses. Participants were provided with a tool within which to frame their responses:

S- Situation: participants were encouraged to provide details on the situation they had to deal with.

T- Task: participants were advised to provide insight on the task they were given.

A-Action: guidance was given on how to expand on actions taken.

R- Results: participants were asked to clearly state what results were achieved because of the actions taken.

Participants were also provided with hints and tips on how to prepare for an interview. They were encouraged to research and read about the company online. They were also encouraged to ensure that their laptops were fully charged if the interview is taking place virtually. Participants were also advised to prepare questions that they could ask at the end of the interview.

I'm honoured to contribute to Leicester cares’ mission in empowering the community through employability workshops. Witnessing the impact of these initiatives is a testament to the organization's dedication to fostering positive change and creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Kieran Chand, Engagement Leader- Hastings Direct

I once worked at a charity called Scope and I was designated to the shop windows on all floor. There was a competition amongst various retailers for the best shop window. We worked as a team to make the window designs look good, and as a result, we won the competition.

Participant feedback

My brother has started a sea moss business, and he wanted more sales. I helped him with labelling the products and packing them into boxes. I also encouraged him to create tiktok videos which led to more views and more sales.

Participant feedback

The session ended with a tour around the building and participants were able to see the various spaces at Hastings and provided with insight into the flexible working arrangements available to employees.

The entire session was a huge success as it provided participants with insight into the world of work and has helped them to understand the mindset of employers in relation to hiring and what they require in order to succeed in an interview. We are truly grateful to Hastings Direct and Kieran Chand for his hospitality and for facilitating the event.

If you are a business and you would like to get involved in the work that we do by providing valuable work experience/work trials, please get in touch using the email address below.

Youth Justice Project Development Manager

Chikodi Lori

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