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Violence Intervention Project Update Q3 2023

27 Apr 2023

The Violence Intervention Project continues to utilise Leicestershire Cares Power to Change approach in the provision of holistic interventions to young people. The main aim of the VIP Project is to empower young people aged 11-25 who have offended or are at risk of offending to help them challenge their pre-existing thought patterns and create new goals.

We have had the opportunity to form collaborative partnerships with those in the public sector, private sector, and community sector to enable young people achieve improved outcomes. Some of our successes this year include:

  • 15 referrals received from Turning Point, Chance 2 Change and Powering Up Project
  • 9 YP continued from previous quarters.
  • 7 YP attained or continued in education, employment, and training.
  • 1 Personal Branding Session delivered in partnership with Stepnell and Pathways; .
  • 12 Music and Therapy and Learning sessions delivered in collaboration with Seraphim Studioz and Powering Up Project
  • 10 Career Sessions
  • 7 Goal setting sessions delivered with participants
  • 9 Job search sessions completed.

In collaboration with the Powering Up project, we were able to connect a participant with the Antoin Akpom Foundation to volunteer on their anti-poverty project. A VIP participant who expressed interest in engineering, secured work experience with Nylacast. Another participant secured their dream job with Camp America and is currently employed in the UK, he is working towards saving for his trip and incidental expenses. To review some of our testimonials, click the links below:

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During this quarter, we partnered with Powering Up Project, Stepnell, and Pathways in the delivery of a personal branding workshop. We had 2 members of the business community in attendance, along with 6 male participants, 1 female participant, 2 members of the Powering Up Project and 1 member of the VIP Project in attendance. In line with our Power to Change model, under the power within strand, we identified that young people have complex needs such as emotional instability, unstable housing, immigration and family issues. Using the strong links we have in the community, participants are being provided with ongoing support. The purpose of the personal branding session under the power with strand, was therefore to connect young people with the business community to equip them with skills to work effectively in a team and learn about education options and ways to behave in a work place including how to prepare for interviews.

It's always a pleasure to work with the young people at Leicestershire Cares. Your #TogetherWeCan philosophy ensures that those facing barriers to employment receive a broad range of support and Stepnell is delighted to be able to contribute to that.

Sue Woollett, Social Value Manager- Stepnell

The young people I met were from a huge range of backgrounds and all had various levels of experience within education. It was a wonderful experience to get to know them all and discuss their different pathways to successful careers. They were all extremely engaged and used this opportunity effectively to understand their own personal responsibilities for their own development. I hope Pathways has the opportunity to work with these young people again in the future.

Donna Payne, Strategic Outreach Coordinator- Pathways

In line with the Keeping kids safe report published in 2019, it has been observed that some participants registered on the VIP project, have indeed come from homes where domestic abuse and substance mis-use are the norm. This in turn has affected their development and reflects itself in challenging behaviour including the use of anger and substances as coping mechanisms. Our Power to change approach therefore influences the interventions by providing young people with a safe place within which they can express themselves. In line with power within, before exploring education or employment opportunities, we provide personalised interventions in the areas of anger management and anxiety. We also liaise with other agencies which can provide specialist support. In relation to the power to element within the power to change approach, we have been intentional about helping participants build connections with business members and community groups.

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Theodore Roosevelt

We are committed to providing young people with holistic support through a range of interventions to enable them attain education, training, and employment outcomes. Our priorities over the next quarter will involve supporting young people to maintain sustained outcomes. We will also focus on creating tools to encourage the business community to create more work experience opportunities for young people.

If you are a business and you would like to get involved in the work that we do by providing valuable work experience/work trials, please get in touch using the email address below.

Chikodi Oraka

Youth Justice Project Development Manager

To read about our Power to Change approach, click on the link below:,city%20and%20county%20for%20all.

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