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VIP Project: H.B Case Study

20 Oct 2022

HB accompanied his friend to a session and although he was not part of the meeting, he observed the interactions and inquired as to whether he could receive assistance from Leicestershire Cares. A referral was subsequently made by his VIP worker from Turning Point. During his initial assessment, HB came across as someone who had given up hope that anything positive could result from his life. Upon discussion and reflection, HB confirmed that he had done things in the past that he was not proud of, but he decided that he wanted to follow a different path. HB was challenged to review his emotions and the consequence of his reactions. He was also provided with practical steps to take when he gets angry.

HB subsequently attended various key working sessions at Leicestershire Cares. During one of those sessions, he admitted that he had an interest in IT and had accidentally hacked into a third-party system at school. Although HB requested assistance in locating forklift jobs, after showing him the career options in IT and cyber security, his interest was piqued, and he expressed a desire to pursue a career in IT.

I’m gassed, I haven’t smiled this much in years.


I’m going to be honest, all weekend, I was thinking I was going to fail but I can believe I got admitted to a Level 3 IT course, I am so happy.

VIP Participant

A suitable institution was identified, and HB was accompanied to the adult education institution where he is now registered to study functional skills maths and English, and a level 3 IT course which is equivalent to an A-level qualification. HB now aspires to enrol on an access to university course so that he can study IT at University. HB has also participated in a music learning session and is currently working on his own music with a local music producer.

HB was also provided with an opportunity to attend Leicestershire Cares awards evening where he spoke confidently about the support he has received thus far and how this has impacted his life. The opportunity to attend the event has raised HB’s aspirations in life. HB will be provided with ongoing support to enable him to organise his schedule and manage his emotions. When HB has settled into a routine, a part-time job will be accessed in due course to enable him obtain income to sustain his lifestyle.

Leicestershire Cares is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done. Chikodi is amazing person who has helped me get back into college. Now I’m doing an A level IT course and doing my English and Maths and I hope to work with her for a while.

VIP Participant