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23 Apr 2023

SB joined the VIP Project in October 2022. At the time, SB was faced with some personal challenging issues but he made a decision to engage with the project. SB was initially anxious to meet with Leicestershire Cares, but after attending his first session with his VIP worker from Turning Point, SB confirmed that he would be willing to engage on a one-to-one basis.

In order to help expose him to various experiences and aid his personal growth, he was invited to take part in an interview panel where he asked the candidates questions and provided insightful feedback based on his observations.

SB attended a goal setting session, CV building session, an employability session, along with various key working appointments. During these sessions, SB was able to re-affirm his commitment to becoming a better version of himself so that he could be a good example for his daughter. SB also accessed support from other agencies to assist him in accessing suitable housing.

I forgot to say, I passed my interviews and thank you for giving me tips to help me

VIP Participant

Using the information and support he received from the VIP Project, SB decided that he would like to take part in Camp America as he felt that he would learn skills which would contribute to his self-improvement. SB engaged in various key working sessions where he received guidance on how to prepare for his interview with Camp America. SB was successful in all stages of the interview process, and he was assisted in crafting a plan to help him prepare financially to cover his rent and bills whilst away in America.

SB was encouraged to persistently apply for jobs using the C.V we assisted him in crafting. SB was successful in being invited to interviews and was provided with more than one job offer. SB accepted a job with DPD and is currently working towards saving for his time away in Camp America where he will be working with children and other members of his team.

I am so happy I got a place on Camp America. I will meet all kinds of people, and I believe I will learn new skills and it will help me become a better person.

VIP Participant