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23 Apr 2023

HS joined the VIP Project in December 2022. HS attended a goal setting session, an employability session, along with various key working appointments. During these sessions, HS was able to acknowledge the intense trauma he had experienced and commit to personal development. He accessed support from other third-party organisations and attended external provisions to enable him utilise his time in a more productive manner.

Using the information and support he received from Leicestershire Cares, HS was able to apply to Leicester college to study engineering. His aspirations were raised during key working sessions as he would now like to work towards attending University and is willing to do the work involved to get him there. HS was enrolled on a level 1 NVQ Maths and English course and based on the research conducted, he was advised to request enrolment on a level 2 NVQ course to enable him obtain the relevant qualifications to attend University or apply for an apprenticeship.

“The sessions have been good and I have enjoyed them. I think I could better myself by doing the sessions

VIP Participant

I have got a better understanding on what I want to do in college and uni

VIP Participant

HS was provided with various opportunities to attend mock interview sessions, personal branding and enterprise sessions. Based on the information gleaned during key working sessions, it was noted that HS would benefit from work experience in the engineering field. We created his C.V and made contact with Nylacast, provided his C.V and submitted a case for work experience.

HS was invited to an interview at Nylacast. Prior to his interview date, HS was assisted and equipped with interview skills which covered possible interview questions, workplace behaviour, and timeliness. On the day of his interview, we attended the interview together and he answered the questions confidently. He was provided with feedback on how to improve himself towards employers and provided with an opportunity to visit the manufacturing unit.

HS was successful with the interview, and he is now scheduled to commence work experience at Nylacast during the Easter holidays. He is looking forward to the experience with great anticipation and is grateful for all the support he has received.

I’ve had great sessions with Chikodi. She’s arranged transport for me when needed each time and has gotten me a great placement for work experience and has helped me with college applications and things I didn’t know I needed like my C.V.

VIP Participant