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1 Apr 2022

I just want to say a big thank you for all your help. You’ve been super supportive with helping me find a good college to start up in September and also helped with jobs! The sessions have been extremely helpful as I can finally see what I want to do, as well as setting out my goals for the future.


JG joined the VIP Project in January 2022. JG attended a goal setting session and a CV session, along with various key working appointments. During these sessions, JG was able to clarify her goals and identify the areas she would like to develop in future. 

JG expressed a desire to get involved in business with a view to setting up her own business in the future. While JG had an interest in Criminology, she decided to pursue a job in retail in the short term. With the support she received from the VIP ETE worker at Leicestershire Cares, JG was able to secure a position at JD Sports. 

Your sessions have really motivated me to look ahead and I feel like this has boosted my self confidence in what I really want to achieve later in life. The books that you let me borrow and read really inspired me and also taught life lessons on how to move forward and be grateful for what you have.


To support her longer-term goals, the VIP ETE worker helped JG explore college courses and consider further study. However, JG decided that this is not currently for her, and she intends to progress to supervisory level in her current role as a medium-term goal.

In the future, JG plans to apply for an apprenticeship in the NHS. In the meantime, she will focus on her personal development whilst honing her skills in the workplace.

It’s been amazing and honestly opened my eyes to take up every opportunity that’s given and never give up! The sessions also helped me with my personal development and looking after my mental health which supported me throughout my time being at home.


The motivational videos got me out and being more productive with my time. Overall, my time was spent about how I could develop as an individual and become a better version of myself and I am grateful now that I see things more positively than before