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World of Work Tour – Everards Logistic Centre

26 May 2022

After visiting the wonderful Everards Meadows earlier in the year for a world of work tour, NEET young people from The YES Project visited Everards Logistic Centre, finding out more about the behind the scenes of Everard's operation.

I couldn’t believe how much stuff goes in and out of the warehouse each day, I don’t think I’d be able to work in a warehouse, but I really enjoyed hearing about the sales team, I think I would be good at that.

YES participant

The Tour

First, the young people were shown around the warehouse of the Logistic Centre by Nigel Podgers – Logistic Manager, getting to see the volume of stock that goes in and out on a daily basis and getting a taste of the processes that help Everards to run such a smooth operation. Following on from a tour of the warehouse, the young people had the opportunity to hear from and speak with both Louise Greensdale – MyEverards Team Leader and Dave McMinn – Technical Services Manager. Louise took the young people through the roles of the sales team in the office, explaining the importance of relationship building and offering some tips on sales. Finally, Dave explained his teams' varied roles from the technical services perspective, talking through the processes of fitting and checking beer taps as well as encouraging the young people to consider some apprenticeships.

I have been looking for jobs in IT mainly but seeing the machinery in the warehouse made me want to look into getting my forklift licence as I think that I would enjoy that role.

YES participant

Emphasis on keeping things local and investing in staff

Once again, visiting an Everards facility and having the opportunity to hear from staff members echoes just how much the company value their staff and how much the staff enjoy working for Everards. Young people who have attended this tour and also the tour at Everards Meadows early 2022 have also picked up on this, with all of them saying they would like to work for the company.

The team at Leicestershire Cares would like to say a huge thank you to Nigel, Louise and Dave and their respective teams, for welcoming us to your workplace and helping participants to understand the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as creating an open space for the young people to ask questions. Also, a big thanks to Jenny Hailes – HR Assistant, for setting up yet another tour for our young people to attend.

Get Involved

If you are a business in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland and would like to offer young people from our youth projects a chance to look around your facilities and experience the world of work, please reach out.

Ross Cox – YES Project Development Manager –

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