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We are committed to working in partnership with young people and our business, community and government partners to find lasting solutions which help young people. We currently support care experience, unemployed and homeless young people. Our strong links to business mean we are very good at helping young people develop employability skills. We also offer a wide range of groups and practical support. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.


We run and support a wide range of groups where you can meet up with other young people in a similar situation, make friends, develop your skills and confidence and have fun. A good starting point is to drop into our Get Stuff Done session which runs every Wednesday from 12pm to 3:30pm

Getting a job

Through our strong links with local business we can help you develop your “employability skills”. This could include support and advice on CV’s and job interviews, visiting work places, getting work experience and being coached and mentored by local business people.

Training and education

We have strong links with a wide range of training and education providers. We can help you decide what training and courses might be best for you and help you apply.

Having your voice heard

We strongly believe that young people’s voices and lived experience should shape the support they are offered. We help young people develop the skills and confidence they need to inform both our work and the work of all agencies who impact on their life. We see young people as the “solution” not the “problem”, and are committed to helping them be seen and heard.

Arts and media

We know many young people are creative and like the idea of using arts and media to get their point across. We are keen to develop a wide range of arts projects (music, visual, drama, video or IT-based) that help young people articulate their issues and concerns to a wider audience.

You tell us

We are always open to new ideas and new ways of working with and supporting young people. If you have ideas about what we could do then please contact anybody for the Children and Young People team.