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Violence Intervention Project Update Q3 2024

17 Apr 2024

During this quarter, we delivered a mock interview preparation event with Pathways. This event provided participants with insight into the preparation required for an interview which involves researching the organisation, planning their route, selecting suitable work clothing, and preparing questions to ask at the end of the interview. Participants were also taught how to utilise the C.A.R method (Context, Action, Result) when responding to interview questions.

This event was followed by a Mock Interview at Nelsons Law, during this session, participants were interviewed by business members and provided with detailed feedback. The purpose of this event was to equip participants with the information required to excel in an interview. In line with the power with strand within our power to change model, we believe that by connecting participants with business members, this experience brings them one step closer to raising their aspirations to create a better future.

We also delivered a Career and Hoodie Design Day in collaboration with various business members and local businesses. This event was intended to enable participants to develop a deeper understanding as it relates to the complexities of life in the lives of accomplished people. Business members chose to share some of their mistakes to help participants discover that those in the business community eventually chose to make better decisions and persist in their chosen endeavors to make it to where they are currently. Participants were provided with the opportunity to ask questions during the session, and they were able to network with business members during the lunch break. The session ended with a creative hoodie design activity which provided a safe place for participants to play, network, and learn new skills.

Whilst we are in the process of re-engaging participants who have disengaged, we nonetheless had various one-to-one sessions. We have discovered that most participants across our youth justice project prefer to have individualised sessions as this provides them with a safe space to share their dreams and visions. We also ask probing reflective questions and assist them with devising an action plan to help them move closer to their goals.

We can confirm that there is a continuous requirement for support with obtaining Identification documents, especially amongst our Phoenix participants. We have also provided participants with the opportunity to access support and partake in activities across our leaving care, housing, and power-to-change projects. We are committed to providing participants with the support they require in line with our power within strand to give them a stronger opportunity to access education, employment, or training opportunities.


In this quarter, we experienced various successes as we supported 10 participants in enabling them access to education, employment, and training. In order to enable participants, to improve their employability skills, we connected with Pathways and Nelsons, and they facilitated an interview preparation and mock interview day.

  • 4 referrals received from Turning Point.
  • 8 referrals received from Phoenix Programme.
  • 16 YP continued from previous quarters.
  • 10 YP attained or continued in education, employment, and training.
  • 1 interview preparation event delivered by Pathways.
  • 1 mock interview event facilitated by Nelsons Law
  • 1 career and design my hoodie day delivered in collaboration with Stepnell, Robert Pochin, All Truck, Everything Branded, 115B