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Violence Intervention Project Update Q2

13 Jan 2023

The Violence Intervention Project has had a successful quarter and had the opportunity to create new partnerships whilst assisting young people access education employment and training. The main aim of the VIP Project is to empower young people aged 11-25 who have offended or are at risk of offending to help them reflect on past mistakes and forge a new positive path to success.

The public health approach recommended by the Home Office is evidenced in the holistic interventions provided by the Violence Intervention Project. We connect with young people through a range of interventions such as reflective initial assessments, and goal setting sessions, to help them reflect on their current situation. During our C.V sessions, work tours, and workplace mentoring, we are able to equip young people with the skills required to reach their goals.

Some of our successes over the last quarter are as follows:

  • 9 YP referred
  • 8 YP continued from previous quarter.
  • 7 YP attained education, employment, and training outcomes.
  • 1 Personal Branding Session
  • 1 Work Experience with CPW Leicester
  • 4 Career Sessions
  • 7 Goal setting sessions delivered with participants.
  • 6 Music and Therapy and Learning sessions delivered in collaboration with Seraphim Studioz.
  • 9 Job search sessions completed.
  • 3 C.V building sessions conducted.

Two of our participants who were interested in joining the army are currently in education and are both working towards meeting the entry requirements for the army. Another participant who currently works in a warehouse has expressed interest in an apprenticeship. We have connected with Nylacast who can assist with work experience and apprenticeships in his field of interest.

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In line with our Power to Change approach, we connected our VIP participants with various business members including Sue Woollett, Social Value Manager at Stepnell who presented a personal branding session and provided insight into the workplace and the various options available in the construction industry.

Being confident and presentable is important when attending interviews. Some of the skills when attending interviews include honesty, loyalty, attending on time

Participant feedback

The session was a success as it connected with the minds and hearts of the young people and made them challenge their pre-existing ideologies

Chikodi Oraka- Youth Justice Project Development Manager

This has been an amazing experience as it has further developed my interest to learn how to make buildings more sustainable and environmentally friendly. I would like to learn more ways of how we can save energy and how we can design zero-carbon buildings that can sustain a better way of life for many generations.

During my work experience week, I learned how to use new software such as CAD and DIAlux evo. I was able to draw and map out new designs of a school building in 2D and 3D. I was able to add different lightings to the building and calculate how dim or bright it is in various rooms. I also learned how to calculate heat loss and work out ways to keep the facility sustainable and environmentally friendly. I feel I have obtained many skills as this experience has further helped me become more independent and resilient when it comes to problem solving.- VIP Participant

It’s been great to be involved in this project and support a young person to discover new skills and an interest in engineering. I was really impressed with the participant’s enthusiasm and hope she considers a future in engineering and sustainability, as she certainly has a talent.

Work experience is a brilliant tool for helping young people to test out different career paths and we hope to inspire the next generation to design sustainably, using innovative techniques to reduce our industry’s impact

John Hauton- CPW Director

A VIP participant who expressed interest in accessing career guidance, participated in work experience at CPW Leicester. The director, John Hauton was very impressed with her performance and invited her to apply for an apprenticeship this year. She currently works at Primark and she has confirmed that she intends to apply for an apprenticeship with CPW Leicester- Teaming up with Leicestershire Cares to deliver work experience — CPW (

We understand that young people involved in the criminal justice system often have a lot of trauma from their early years. We are committed to delivering interventions in a trauma informed way whilst raising the aspirations of young people, building up their confidence and equipping them with the skills they require to excel.

Our priorities over the next quarter will involve supporting young people to maintain sustained outcomes. We will also focus on making new connections in the business community to create more work experience opportunities for young people.

To learn more about the Violence Intervention Project, please contact:

Chikodi Oraka

Youth Justice Project Development Manager

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