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H.N VIP Case Study

13 Jan 2023

HN was referred to the VIP project in November 2022 for assistance with a construction course. On the date of his initial assessment, HN arrived with both his mother and his girlfriend. His mother explained that he suffered with anxiety and needed to be accompanied to meetings.

During the session, HN explained that he does not do well in classroom settings but he would like to obtain a CSCS card so he could obtain a job in construction. HN confirmed that he is a more practical person who prefers to do active work.

The session I had with Chikodi was good.

VIP Participant

HN has worked in construction before and he has received various job offers. However, in order to secure his place with the relevant employers, he was advised that he would need to obtain a CSCS card. HN had reflected on his past, he shared that he is expecting a baby in a few months, and this is his major motivation to stay away from trouble and create a better outcome for himself and his new family.

Given that HN was committed to completing the construction course online, we searched for various options and identified a suitable one for HN. He is currently in the process of completing the course with a view to obtaining his CSCS card.

In the new year, HN will be provided with opportunities to take part in goal setting and C.V building sessions to help him clarify his short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. His C.V will also provide him with a professional profile with which to approach multiple employers.

I really wanted to get on an online construction course because I get anxious when I am with people I don’t know. I am grateful that Chikodi was able to register me on a construction course as this will help me obtain my CSCS card and secure a job in construction.

VIP Participant