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Violence Intervention Project Update Q1 2022

20 Oct 2022

We are pleased to have secured funding from the Violence Reduction Network until March 2024 to continue delivering the Violence Intervention Project (VIP Project). The main aim of the VIP Project is to empower young people aged 11-25 who have offended or are at risk of offending to help them challenge their pre-existing thought patterns and create new goals. The expected outcome for this project is to reduce reoffending by providing young people with the guidance and assistance required to access education, employment, or training.

Over the last 12 weeks

  • 11 YP attained education, employment, and training outcomes
  • 5 Goal setting sessions delivered with participants
  • 6 Music and Therapy and Learning sessions delivered in collaboration with Seraphim Studios
  • 8 Job search sessions completed

One of our VIP participants is currently studying engineering at college, whilst another has secured a place on a carpentry course. Another participant is studying to purse a role in the IT industry whilst also working on obtaining qualifications in Maths and English. A VIP participant who is currently employed, has decided to pursue an apprenticeship and we are currently facilitating work experience with CPWP. To review some of our testimonials click the link below:

VIP Project: T.C Case Study | Leicestershire Cares

VIP PROJECT: J.G CASE STUDY | Leicestershire Cares

VIP Project: H.B Case Study | Leicestershire Cares

We have also supported young people to access music therapy and learning sessions. These have enabled young people to channel their spare time into more positive outlets and to develop their skills, confidence, and wellbeing.

I shared the first version of the song I’m working on with my college tutor and he said that I can share it with the class when it is complete at the end of the term. Those in my class call me “supply teacher” because they ask me questions and I help them with their work

VIP Participant

I have noticed that since I began attending these music therapy and learning sessions, I have noticed that my mental health has improved. It gets me out of the house more often

VIP Participant

During our annual awards event in September, a VIP participant provided his testimony about the positive impact and assistance he has received from the VIP project thus far. The participant also presented an award to Alltruck PLC for their outstanding contribution to work with young offenders - Leicestershire Cares Awards: Outstanding Contribution to work with Young Offenders 2022 | Leicestershire Cares)

It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with Jessica Newton, our champion at Alltruck plc on our C.V Clinics. The feedback provided has been useful to our VIP participants. It has provided them with guidance on what would be expected from an employer when submitting job applications.

Jessica has also been instrumental in raising awareness amongst her colleagues. She appointed more champions for each location and facilitated a road tour earlier on this year. We look forward to working more closely with Alltruck plc.

Thank you for your support Alltruck plc.

Chikodi Oraka- Youth Justice Development Manager

As we continue to navigate through some of the complex issues within which our VIP participants operate, we understand that the challenges which includes housing issues, cost of living increases, chaotic family backgrounds, may continue to persist. However, we are committed to helping our young people obtain more positive outcomes despite their individual circumstances.

Some of our priorities over the coming months will include recruiting a part-time VIP worker to assist with the delivery of the project. We also intend to continue to partner with business members to provide work experience and work mentoring opportunities for our young people.

To learn more about the Violence Intervention Project, please contact:

Chikodi Oraka

Youth Justice Development Manager