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Leicestershire Cares Spring Champions Lunch: Hinckley and Rugby Building Society Golden Heart

8 Mar 2024

Leicestershire Cares hosted its annual Spring Champions Lunch on the 6th of March 2024. This event presented an opportunity for our business members to come together to receive an update about our work and ways that they can get involved. Champions from various local businesses were present along with employees of Leicestershire Cares including our CEO, Kieran Breen.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Carla Loughrey, Denise Bradshaw, and Tracey Ingram of Hinckley and Rugby Building Society for their roles in supporting young people on our Youth Justice Project and Powering Up project. The focus of the event was on money goals and the advantages of effective budgeting. HRBS provided participants with practical budgeting sheets to help plan their finances and identify both short-term and long-term goals. This exercise prompted participants to reflect on their finances, identify potential obstacles, and prioritize budgeting to achieve their financial aspirations.

During the champion's lunch, Denise Bradshaw came forward on behalf of the team and was presented with a Golden Heart as a recognition of their collaborative effort. We look forward to working more closely with HRBS on budgeting and other similar events to help participants obtain a better understanding of their finances.

Being a mutual Society with a real desire to share our knowledge and resources with our local communities can lead our people to take part in all manner of activities.

This event was all about sharing our knowledge of finances and budgeting with a group of young people some of whom were care experienced people and others have been involved in the criminal justice system. This event was organised by our very good friends at our local charity Leicestershire Cares.

We covered why budgeting is important, practical tips on how to do it, as well as dealing with credit and risks you can encounter from fraudsters.”

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society