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Leicestershire Cares- Nature-Friendly Fencing Project at Everard Meadows

22 Apr 2024

Leicestershire Cares Leaving Care Team recently engaged in a day of volunteering at Everard Meadows, contributing to the Willow Tree Fencing project underway at the site.

Willow fencing, renowned for its natural appeal and durability, offers a sustainable option for enclosing outdoor spaces. Leveraging the versatility of willow, the project aimed to introduce traditional yet rustic fencing solutions to enhance the greenery of Everard Meadows.

Accompanied by our young people with care experience from our Joining Up Joining In project, Leicestershire Cares embarked on constructing willow fences within the car park area of Everards Meadows.

Despite initial confusion with our young people, where two participants anticipated engaging in the sport of fencing, the experience proved to be a refreshing immersion in nature, igniting enthusiasm among the group for future involvement.

Facilitated by Amanda Rayner founder of Wyldwood Willow, from Wales, and supported by Roxanne from Everards, the day unfolded smoothly, with participants mastering the art of weaving the willow strands into an organised fencing structure. Joined by volunteers from the local community, the collective effort finished in the completion of a stunning, eco-conscious fencing installation, highlighting the power of collaboration in advancing sustainable initiatives.

To get involved in our Joining Up Joining In Project at Leicestershire Cares please contact

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