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Joining Up Joining In- Impact of participation and project rewards

26 Jan 2024

The Leicestershire Cares’ Joining Up Joining In project funded by the Blagrave Trust now boasts 8 trained peer researchers. They are gearing up for a focus group with care-experienced young people to delve into their perspectives on “Care Experience as a protected characteristic,” under the Equality Act 2010.

The project highlights the positive aspects, such as allowing care-experienced peer researchers to voice their feelings about local and national policies affecting young people in care, gathering insights from those with lived experiences, and actively participating in campaigns for change. As a bonus, participants are rewarded for their involvement in the project, prompting us to get an insight about their experiences being a part of the project.

Here’s an insight to some of our peer researchers thoughts…

Being part of the Joining Up Joining In project has given me the confidence to be okay with being care experienced. It has empowered me to realise my voice matters and that my negative experiences are not okay and change can be made.
It has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and experience to add to my CV.
The rewards have helped me financially, I’m a student so being able to have something to contribute to my living costs is really helpful and shows my work is valued. Receiving the rewards has helped my wellbeing by reducing my financial burden and making me feel valued.
I have had the opportunity to form bonds with people who have has similar experiences to me. It has helped me feel less alone and like I’m weird for having had these experiences.

Peer Researcher

The impact of Joining Up Joining In is that we are able to campaign to make a difference to care experience young people’s lives. Through campaigning we have been able to build connections with local councillors, and other individuals who have care experience who can help us with our campaign to help us make care experience a protected characteristic.
This project has helped me to develop my confidence. I have learnt and developed on my research skills which will help me with campaigning and be an addition to my CV.
The rewards have helped me with buying essential items that will have a positive impact on my wellbeing. Through attending the project, I have built friendships with people who have been through similar experiences, which helps me.

Peer Researcher

The impact of being a part of the Joining Up Joining In project has been significant for the peer researchers. The rewards and experience received through the project have played a noteworthy role in their lives. The rewards have contributed substantially to overall well-being of the peer researchers. Moreover, the relationships and bonds formed within the group have added a meaningful dimension to the entire experience, fostering connections and shared experiences that go beyond the project itself.

To get involved in our Joining Up Joining In Project at Leicestershire Cares please contact

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