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Joining Up Joining In goes from strength to strength

3 Apr 2024

So What?

The JUJI group are working hard on getting care experience as a protected characteristic. After getting peer research skills courtesy of the Learning and Work Institute and the Blagrave Trust, they’ve been thrilled to see Leicestershire County Council and now Rutland County Council recognise care experience as being treated the same as any of the protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act. The training led to peer research led to reporting and engagement and now to change. They believe in #PowerToChange.

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JUJI hard at work

Now What?

Now they are planning how other local authorities and business can take this next step to helping care experienced young people.

The group are working on this topic and will be looking at other topics for care experienced young people. If you have been in care or estranged, and would like to learn research skills and put them into practice to make a real difference you for and for other care experienced young people, get in touch with

Aidan Croughwell-Burton – Powering Up Project Development Manager

Krishna Kothari – Project Development Officer

Paul Whalley – Youth Voice Coordinator –





Should Care Experience be a Protected Characteristic | Leicestershire Cares