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Leaving Care annual report 2022-23

11 Aug 2023

Our Power to Change approach is centred on collaboration, helping us to engage and work positively with a range of partners across business, public and community sectors. We have offered opportunities ranging from creative arts, sports to employability workshops aimed and raising awareness and aspirations. Our awareness of the needs and interests of our young people helps us to match them with opportunities and offer support in a way that works for them. Relationships are at the core of everything we do, and we have worked hard to emphasise the importance of this when working with professionals across the sector.

Massive thank you to you both for supporting our sport events this summer . The staff at Leicester College think you are both brilliant -which you obviously are - and the students had a fab time ,just seeing how they relaxed as the morning went on was fab

Sharon Drury, Looked after Child Designate, Leicester College


We have worked with 64 young people both through one-to-one mentoring and a range of projects across the year. Additionally, we have worked with 48 young people primarily from the asylum seeking and refugee communities who regularly attend a weekly football activity.

Out of the 64 young people (54) 83.4% have recorded both soft and hard outcomes relating to a range employment, education, training a range of other positive outcomes (Support with housing, Work experience, Creative mentoring, Children's Commissioning board.

  • 30 Young people achieved education, training & employment outcomes including volunteering.
  • 13 young people employed (4 young people volunteering)
  • 9 young people entered or retained a place in education.
  • 4 young people in/finished training.
  • 14 young people supported with job searching.
  • 8 young people achieved additional outcomes (Work experience, Creative mentoring, accepted on to Children's Commissioning board, Accessed Wates renovation project.

Hey, following up on today’s bike ride. I found it a fun experience. I love being outdoors and it made me feel genuinely happy which is something I don’t feel that often. Thank you for this experience!” Young Person
Day Trip to Rutland Waters

Participant, Trip to Rutland Waters

Business, public and community sectors

It has been a positive year in terms of engaging our young people in a range of opportunities improving their skills and opportunities. We have worked positively with a range of business member’s including Alltruck, Themo Fisher, Walkers Deli, Stepnell, HRBS, Everards, Sytner and Leicester City Council.

Working with partners across our community has helped us to acquire additional funding so a big thank you goes out to both Pathways and Hastings Direct. Additionally, the Mighty Creatives have provided creative mentoring opportunities for our young people to explore a range of creative arts. We have also worked in collaboration internally with both the VIP project and the Power to Change projects delivering workshops and hosting podcasts.

Key Learning

We continually tackle with the challenges young people within the care system face whether that be a lack of a support system, mental health, poor quality housing and lack of finances or the awareness and understanding to manage some of the challenges that independence can bring.

We continue to engage with learning workshops provided by both The Esmee Foundation and Blagrave Trust. More recently we have participated in a relational training programme facilitated by the Esmee Foundation and Catch 22. The programme is focussed on upskilling local authorities and charities with the aim of developing improved support networks for care experienced parents, young people impacted on by the criminal justice system and creating life links.

As mentioned at the beginning of the report and most importantly. The successes we have had are all related to our ability to put relationships at the heart of everything we do. These relationships help to establish trust where it’s not previously been and again take a lot of hard work and commitment to create and maintain. We will endeavour to keep our focus and engagement centred on this philosophy to flourish more positive relationships across the coming year.

It was fabulous to see how much his confidence has grown. You have done some fantastic work with him and it's clear how much he respects you.

Sue Woollett, Social Value Manager Stepnell