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Joining Up Joining In

31 Mar 2023

The recent independent review of Children’s Social Care was published in May 2022. The leaving care learning programme is backed by £200 million for the next 2 years and will result in changes across the entire children’s social care sector including early help, child protection, workforce training and the care system.

We are currently delivering campaigns and participation activities supported by both Blagrave and Esmée Fairburn and we will be working alongside the Learning and Work Institute to deliver our current project Joining Up Joining In. The Learning and Work institute will assist our work through supporting young people to develop peer researcher skills allowing for them and their lived experiences to be the architects for improving the future of care experienced young people.

We have already liaised with the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) relating to their campaign " My Things Matter" My Things Matter | Supported by Madlug Bags | NYAS

Why do you want to campaign?

“Those who are creating and implementing the policies are not able to understand the situation and the risks that young people are in, its better to get the approach from CEYP as they are more experienced and have the knowledge.”

Young Person

“Make a change to the broken system we have in place currently".

Young Person

Five Missions outlined in the recent independent review of Children's Social Care.

  1. No young person should leave care without at least two loving relationships, by 2027.
  2. Double the proportion of care leavers attending university, and particularly high tariff universities, by 2026.
  3. Create at least 3,500 new well-paid jobs and apprenticeships for care leavers each year, by 2026.
  4. Reduce care experience homelessness now, before ending it entirely
  5. To increase the life expectancy of care experienced people, by narrowing health inequalities with the wider population.

Issues that matter to you and why you want to change the policies in place?

“Jargon that is used, YP don’t know what the terminology is or means. Those authoritative figures are from different backgrounds with very little knowledge of the experiences we deal with or have been through. Agencies and authorities need to hire more people who have experienced care or been in similar situations. Lived experience means more than credentials and qualifications.”

Young Person

“More support for SEND, from experience – my brother with Down Syndrome and the effect and pressure it has had on me. With specialist schools failing him and the family in the situation. Sign language training could be provided as mandatory for those family members.

Young Person

Next Steps

We are currently working alongside the young people involved with the project to create a visual representation of their views and lived experiences of the care system. We will be focussing on the missions in the recent review to define a question that will shape our campaigns work alongside beginning our peer research training programme.

For more information or to get involved in the Joining up Joining in Project :

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