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Power To Change through Football with Walker and Son

4 Mar 2024

At Leicestershire Cares we are extremely passionate about aligning to our Power To Change model of practice. This approach allows us to understand that change is often not linear but their are stages an different elements of support that can be offered to young people depending on their circumstances. Our work on the Powering Up football Project has provided opportunities for young people to overcome a range of challenges recognised within our Power To Change model through the support of a key business partner Walker and Son and two passionate members of their team John Neat and Tracy Renshaw.

We would like to say a big thank you to both individuals involved John and Tracy and the team at Walker and Son for supporting us to access their community grant and receiving £1,000 in funds to help with pitch costs and resources.

Aidan Croughwell - Burton - Powering Up Manager

How has Powering up Football helped?

Power Within - Many of the young people who access our sessions are unaccompanied asylum seeking children and are new to the city. Alongside our partners at the Freedom youth club Powering Up football provides an opportunity for this group of young people to form connections and develop support networks that help them to navigate the experience of a new country, language and a range of other sociocultural factors.

Power With - Football is a language that is often referred to as universal and allows for partnerships and relationships to form in a less formal setting than typical interventions. Young people accessing the project have been supported by businesses such as Walker and Son, Hastings Direct and public sector organisations such as Pathways. These opportunities have supported the young people to connect to their communities, improve their understanding and awareness of their environment, alongside feeling an increased sense of social connection through their interactions with volunteers from Walker & Son and a range of other businesses.

Power To - Young people have not only achieved a range of soft outcomes via engaging with the project they have also recently amplified their voices with 11 young people taking part in the NHS campaign "What You Saying" aimed at improving services for children and young people. Additional to this 6 young people completed level 2 sports leadership awards with the Leicester tigers foundation gaining qualification providing a pathway towards a career in sport.

Great people great cause, the team at Charnwood look forward to the session

John Neat

Big thank you to John, Tracy and the team at Walker & Son for your involvement so far. #TogetherWeCan

For further information about our project and our work with care experienced young people please contact

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