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Leaving care parents support group visit to see Santa

14 Dec 2023

We have been developing a flourishing partnership with Leicestershire County Council leaving care team to offer support to those of care experience and their children. Over the last year we have supported parents and their children on trips to the seaside and a Christmas activity to see Santa. A big thanks goes to Hastings direct for their support of the project as well as Esmee Fairbairn and Catch 22 for the learning we have received on their relational practice project.

Thank you for a lovely day my daughter loved seeing Santa


Whoop whoop Emma. And thank you Leicestershire Carers, you’ve been amazing to our service this year.

Sarah Cole, Leaving Care Advisor, Leicestershire County Council

Thanks for all your help this year with the group, Jo and I both really appreciate it.

Emma Jane - Coleman, Leaving Care Advisor, Leicestershire County Council

Its been a pleasure working with the leaving care team at Leicestershire Council Council. We are really looking forward to continuing our partnership and developing new ways of supporting those of care experiece and their children. A big thanks goes to our community development team #BagsofHope campaign and all the kind donations that came from our businesses to support this initiative. I would also like to thank Sue and Steve Perkins for their kind donation that helped us to fill our bags of hope for care experienced parents. Merry Christmas and happy new year from the leaving care team at Leicestershire Cares,

Aidan Croughwell-Burton, Leaving Care, Project Development Manager

For further information about our project and our work with care experienced young people please contact #TogerherWeCan

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