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“Your Space” Event Held at Moat Community College

31 May 2022

Last Saturday, members of the Community Development Team attended the “Your Space” event at Moat Community College in Leicester City.

Armed with a stash of goodie bags plus a stall and banner set up in the college sports hall, our staff spent the afternoon building connections with community groups and the broader public, before enjoying the range of entertaining activities provided by the event organisers!

It was a terrific experience attending the Your Space event. It was really enriching, being able to speak with so many community groups and to learn about the vital work that they do. I hope we on the Community Development Team can continue to support them and forge links in the future.

Edgar Roberts, Project Support Officer, Community Development Team

The Team had the opportunity to speak with members of the Leicester City community interested in making use of Leicestershire Cares’ wide range of services and drop-in sessions, including on issues such as violence intervention and prevention, youth employability, and housing difficulties. This outreach work enabled us to expand further the impact of our support services, ensuring that no one in our communities facing serious needs is left behind.

As the afternoon progressed and their goodie bag stash became depleted, the Community Development Team were able to take part in some of the wonderful entertainment featured at “Your Space”. Beginning with a few games of pitching horseshoes and a jump rope contest, the Team then finished the day off by joining in with a massive group dance session that united children and adults alike in fun and excitement.

It was wonderful to see so many communities coming together to support one another. The event was a fantastic opportunity for all our organisations to come together and learn how we can collaborate to better serve our communities.

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development

The Community Development Team are proud of their work uniting businesses and community groups to build projects that can deliver lasting positive change to people’s lives. We will keep working to push our reach further so we can deliver urgent support to marginalised communities and create a safer, more inclusive Leicestershire.


For more information about getting involved in our Community Development Work please contact:


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