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Voice, Lived Experience and Building on Connection with the Business Community

30 May 2024

Over the past 6 months we have worked alongside the deputy leader for Leicestershire County Council Deborah Taylor and peer researchers on the Joining Up Joining In project to achieve positive outcomes for those with care experience. Due to our collaboration, we were able to host a Q&A at our annual awards ceremony on May 16th in front of the business community that gave peer researchers involved with Joining Up Joining In an opportunity to ask questions to Councillor Taylor. Councillor Taylor has been highly influential and led a motion within Leicestershire County Council to recognise those of care experience as if they were protected under the Equality Act (2010) which was passed on the 21st of February. Our peer researchers were keen to hear Councillors Taylor motivation for change and what change might look like moving forward.

• What brought you to agree care experience as a protected characteristic?
• How did you think it went at the Council meeting?
• What benefits do you hope there will be for care experienced young people in the County?
• What's next for the County in terms of supporting those with care experience?
• What would you say to a Council who has not yet recognised care experience as a protected characteristic?

Peer Researchers

Councillor Taylor gave an open and reflective account of her motivation and ideas about change and this transparent approach was commended and welcomed by peer researchers on the project. Peer researchers have spoken about Councillor Taylors willingness to listen to the challenges they have experienced and by doing so in such a positive manner, validating their lived experiences. It was great that we had the opportunity to discuss such important issues in front of a wide range of our business partners, building awareness, understanding and connection between those with care experience and the business sector. To celebrate our positive partnership, we were extremely grateful that Councillor Taylor was able to present our annual award recognising a business’s contribution to work with care experience young people. On this occasion that was Walker and Son who have been heavily influential in a sports project providing both economic and human resources towards its development.

Get Involved

If you would like to hear more about our work with care experienced young people please get in touch.

Aidan Croughwell - Burton - Powering Up, Project Development Manager -

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