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VIP Q3 Success Update

29 Apr 2022

As part of the VIP Project delivery, Leicestershire Cares Power to change model is incorporated: Power within, Power with, and Power to ensure that nobody is left behind, and all children and young people are supported to reach their full potential.

Power Within

As part of the service we deliver on the VIP Project, we are able to identify some of the underlying issues which impact young people and influence their ability to access education, employment, or training. Some of the issues which have emerged during VIP sessions include mental health issues, unresolved grief, anger management issues, self-harm, and poor time management.

To combat these issues, referrals have been made by the relevant organisations to CAMHS, Loros for grief counselling, Turning Point for ongoing substance mis-use support. Personal development coaching and books have been provided to participants to assist them with overcoming some of these issues.

Your sessions have really motivated me to look ahead and I feel like this has boosted my self confidence in what I really want to achieve later in life. The books that you let me borrow and read really inspired me and also taught life lessons on how to move forward and be grateful for what you have.


Power With

As part of the project, we work with participants to equip them with the tools they require for work and their personal lives. Participants now have a renewed zeal to build a career path, are committed to personal development, and are willing to put in the work needed by attending training courses. Participants are also keen to avoid re-offending and have taken steps to change friends that may influence negative behaviour in future. We also collaborate with external partners to equip participants with skills for the workplace.

Power To

During the course of this quarter, once participants have identified and overcome some of their barriers to education, employment and training, they have started to achieve outcomes. This includes securing employment, getting into training or education, improving their mental health.


16 YP referred by Turning Point this quarter.

12 YP engaged on the VIP Project.

100% of participants supported this quarter have refrained from re-offending.

X1 YP continued from Q2.

X7 YP are actively in paid employment.

X1 YP to commence CSCS training.

7 Goal Setting sessions delivered with participants involvement.

3 C.V Clinics delivered with participants and volunteers from Alltruck PLC

4 Mock Interviews were conducted to prepare participants for upcoming interviews.

8 Job search sessions were conducted to enable participants obtain employment.

It’s been amazing and honestly opened my eyes to take up every opportunity that’s given and never give up! The sessions also helped me with my personal development and looking after my mental health which supported me throughout my time being at home.