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Violence Intervention Project Update Q1 2023

19 Oct 2023

Thanks to the success of the VIP project, we secured extra funding to offer ETE (Education, Training, and Employment) support for the Phoenix program. As the preferred ETE provider, the VIP/Phoenix project remains committed to aiding young individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system. We collaborate closely with partners like Turning Point and the wider Phoenix Team to deliver personalized support, helping participants achieve positive and lasting outcomes.

In the last quarter, we joined forces with CPW to create a video showcasing a participant's journey to securing an apprenticeship with CPW. We also hosted a successful event, the C.V Clinic, Employability and Networking Day, in collaboration with volunteers from five different businesses. This event was a triumph, offering participants a chance to enhance their interview skills, network, refine communication abilities, and boost their employability awareness.

While the Phoenix program is still in its early stages, we've already established a strong working relationship with the team. Based on ongoing interventions, participants in the Phoenix program have reported improvements in their thinking, attitudes, and behaviour. Our community-oriented approach, as recommended in the "Holding our own" report for reducing serious violence, is evident in the comprehensive support we provide.

The mock interviews and CV reviews were incredibly valuable. The person who interviewed me was so nice. I now feel more prepared for actual interviews, and the feedback on my CV gave me clear direction on making it better

VIP Participant


- Received 15 referrals from Turning Point.

- Received 5 referrals from the Phoenix Programme.

- Continued support for 9 young people from previous quarters.

- 8 young people enrolled or continued in education, employment, and training.

- Completed 1 C.V Clinic, Employability and Networking Day Event.

- Conducted 8 goal-setting sessions with participants.

- Completed 8 job search sessions.

- Conducted 13 C.V. sessions.

- Completed the VIP apprenticeship video.

- Published 1 podcast.

CPW have been delighted to work with Chikodi from the Youth Justice Team. The chance to make a difference in Young People's lives is an invaluable opportunity and we are really pleased to play a part. We have seen some success in that a Young person has gone through an initial Career Talk and work Experience and now has a place on our Apprenticeship Scheme which shows the system does work!

John Hauton, CPW Director

If you are a business and you would like to get involved in the work that we do by providing valuable work experience/work trials, please get in touch using the email address below.

Chikodi Oraka

Youth Justice Project Development Manager

To read about our Power to Change approach, click on the link below:,city%20and%20county%20for%20all.

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