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Violence Intervention Project Annual Report 2023

11 Jul 2023

The VIP project has maintained a strong working relationship with the Violence Reduction Network and key stakeholders. As the ETE provider of choice, we have consistently provided tailored interventions to young people involved in violence or serious violence to enable them to access education, employment, or training, which is a major protective factor related to distance from offending.

To ensure that participants receive effective support, we have recommenced monthly review meetings with Turning Point and Leicester City in the Community to discuss existing caseload, risks, and devise strategies to assist with interventions.

During the last quarter, we collaborated with Pathways and MBD in creating an animation video which showcased the voices of young people where they explained the importance of employers providing work experience opportunities to young people. Pathways also facilitated an employability session to equip participants with the tools they require to succeed in a work environment. Over 50% of the participants who engaged have raised their aspirations and attained education, training, and employment outcomes.

Key successes

Some of our key successes for this quarter include:

  • 57 referrals received
  • 34 YP attained or continued in education, employment, and training
  • 25 Goal setting sessions delivered with participants
  • 35 Job search sessions completed.
  • 24 Music learning session
  • 17 C.V. building sessions/C.V Clinics conducted.

During their engagement in the project, some participants admitted that they engaged in criminal behaviour due to experiencing trauma from an early age. Others admitted to having family members who were involved in drug usage and domestic abuse. As part of the intervention provided, we collaborated with business community members to obtain insight into the world of work, obtain work experience, and feedback on CVs.

Find out more about some of our personal branding sessions and employability sessions by clicking the links below

It was a real pleasure to work with these young people and hear about their aspirations while creatively exploring new skills. To go from never having used 3D software to creating animated characters, in a few hours, really demonstrated their adaptability and ability to learn in the right environments. I look forward to meeting them all again in future.

John Whall, Participation and Outreach Lead, MBD

I had my interview on Friday and I believe it went well. The mock interview session we had was helpful.

VIP Participant

Key Learning

During the course of the year, it was identified that some participants lacked the interpersonal skills and knowledge to succeed in the workplace. In collaboration with Stepnell, MBD, and Pathways, we provided personal branding sessions to assist participants with their interview skills and work ethic. Pathways was also able to fund an animation project, which provided participants with key information on workplace behaviours and an opportunity to attend a work tour and network with creative professionals at MBD.

Building connections with the business community is our unique selling point and key to interventions provided onthe Violence Intervention Project. We connected with Geary’s, who has provided opportunities for participants to access jobs and apprenticeships. We also understand the importance of partnership and have collaborated with other projects and community groups. We have thus supported participants to access apprenticeships, jobs and work experience opportunities.

As we move into a new year, we are committed to providing young people with holistic support through a range of interventions to enable them to attain education, training, and employment outcomes.

E.C feels confident he did well on his GCSE's. He has now secured an apprenticeship and commences a 4 week work trial on Monday

E.C’s Mother