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Together We Did : August 2022 Newsletter

8 Aug 2022

Together We Did

Over the last year despite the many challenges we have faced, our staff, young people, schools, community, public sector, business partners and volunteers have consistently worked together to ensure we keep on developing and delivering. As you read through this newsletter you will see that time and time again, we have shown that when people can work together, without ego, silo or logo, great things are possible. Which is how we have managed to:

  • Provide employability support to over 10,000 young people in schools across our city and county. We are particularly proud of the work we have developed in partnership with partially sighted and blind students and special schools.
  • Supported over 50 community groups on a range on initiatives, that vary from business volunteers carrying out practical DIY projects for them to sharing skills or helping on holiday hunger projects. We have consciously sought to develop our work, so we are reaching the diverse communities of our city and county.
  • Support care experienced young people offering them a range of opportunities to develop skills, confidence, networks, and connections so they live happy and fulfilling lives. We are especially pleased that increasing numbers of the young people have become involved in sharing learning arising from our work, both locally and nationally so others might benefit from their lived experience and insights.
  • Supported NEET young people developing the soft and hard skills and experience that enables them to get into employment, education, and training.
  • Enabled young people who have made mistakes and poor choices to think about their lives and to stop breaking the law and find positive outlets and employment options for their many talents.

Our Power to Change model has continued to develop and its basic premise, that we should work in partnership to support young people and community groups to identify and understand complex issues so they can bring about positive change seems more valid than ever. As does its recognition that often young people will need to develop “Power within and with” in order to have "Power to". Read more on Power To Change | Leicestershire Cares

There are many more examples that you will read about in this newsletter but underpinning all of our work is a strong belief that if we can work together, in a creative and agile manner and are willing to reflect and adapt as required we really can make a difference.

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