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Team Challenge with PepsiCo at ADHD Solutions

5 Oct 2022

The Community Development Team joined a team of volunteers from PepsiCo for a Team Challenge at ADHD Solutions in Leicester City.

ADHD Solutions is a non-profit organisation that supports children and families of those who are suspected, under assessment for, or diagnosed with ADHD. Located in the St Gabriel’s Community Centre, they use their facilities for support groups, coaching sessions, family fun days, arts and crafts workshops, sporting activities, and more. All services are provided in order to empower those with ADHD to realise their full potential and to help young people struggling with the disorder in transitioning to adult life.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to PepsiCo and the Leicestershire Cares Community Development Team for organising the amazing group of volunteers who came out to support us. They helped us clear out our playground so it's better for the children, ripped up a heck of a lot of weeds, and helped clear the zip-wire trails so we can get that running again. Not only that, but they picked litter and strimmed the plants that have grown up at the exterior of our site, giving us a lot more of a tidy site, so hopefully first impressions will be a lot better for people coming to see us. Thank you once again to PepsiCo and the Leicestershire Cares Community Development Team. You've been amazing!

Zak Copley, Activities Coordinator at ADHD Solutions

For the Team Challenge, volunteers from PepsiCo arrived on a sunny but mild early autumn afternoon with a van full of high-grade gardening equipment, ready to tidy and to revamp the community centre car park and playground area.

The team worked tirelessly and with tremendous cooperation to clear both areas entirely of litter and weeds, as well as strimming back grass in the car park to give the area a neater, cleaner appearance.

PepsiCo’s volunteers were even able to weed out and prepare a flower bed that had long gone unused under lockdown restrictions through the COVID-19 pandemic, restoring it so that ADHD Solutions’ service users can once again benefit from therapeutic outdoor gardening activity sessions.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at PepsiCo who took part in this fantastic Team Challenge! They've really shown what people can do when we come together and put some hard work into supporting an important cause. PepsiCo made a tremendous effort on this Team Challenge and we cannot thank them enough for helping make a positive difference in our communities. Thank you!

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development at Leicestershire Cares

The terrific impact that the PepsiCo team were able to make in helping ADHD Solutions maintain their site is testament to the strength of Leicestershire Cares’ “Power to Change” model. On the Community Development Team, we endeavour to form and to strengthen collaborative networks of businesses, community groups, and service-providers who can support one another’s work in delivering lasting positive change in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

The Community Development Team looks forward to brokering further collaborations between businesses and community groups through the Team Challenges programme so that we can support projects that help to build a safer, more inclusive Leicestershire where no one is left behind. We would like to thank all our business partners whose generous support makes this amazing programme possible.


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