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Team Challenge with Walkers Deli & Sausage Co. at the Wesley Hall Community Centre

5 Jul 2022

On Friday June 24th, the Head of Community Development Neetu Squire, along with volunteers from Walkers Deli & Sausage Co., visited the Wesley Hall Community Centre in Leicester City for a Team Challenge.

Wesley Hall is a community group that provides a range of services to support residents from the local area and across Leicester City, including early years services to help families with young children, classes for adults and young people, and mental health support services.

Thank you to the Community Development Team for introducing Walkers Deli & Sausage Co. for the Team Challenge, which has helped us to revamp our outdoor area so our service users can enjoy it in the nice weather. Our garden area looks fantastic! One of the attendees of our day centre – used by people recovering from problems with their mental health – commented that it’s lovely to see the difference Leicestershire Cares has made to our outdoor area, so they can enjoy the weather with their friends while doing some therapeutic activities. Leicestershire Cares are doing a brilliant job by bringing local businesses and communities together. Our sincere thanks to the entire Community Development Team, keep up the good work!

Anita Rao, CEO of Wesley Hall Community Centre

A team of volunteers from Walkers Deli & Sausage Co. graciously agreed to donate their time and energy to restore the Community Centre’s outdoor garden area. Pushing through the summer heat, they were able to clear out the messy undergrowth and prepare a range of new garden beds, including a vegetable patch, a flower bed with a couple of fresh saplings, plus a range of hanging baskets.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Team Challenge at Wesley Hall Community Centre. It was very rewarding to see the transformation of the garden from start to finish and a great opportunity to give something back to the local community and the volunteers and staff at Wesley Hall, who do such great work in and around the local area. We’re already planning the next Team Challenge to re-decorate the main hall!

Jack Ramus, Staff member at Walkers Deli & Sausage Co.

The volunteers also repainted the Community Centre’s outer wall, creating a peaceful, picturesque space where attendees of Wesley Hall can now engage in activities or make use of services in the open fresh air (weather permitting, of course!)

The Community Development Team looks forward to brokering further collaborations between businesses and community groups so that we can support projects that help to build a safer, more inclusive Leicestershire where no one is left behind and where people can be empowered to make a positive change in their lives. We would like to thank all our business partners whose generous support makes it possible for us to carry out the Team Challenge programme.


A huge thank you to Walkers Deli & Sausage Co. for all their support on this Team Challenge! The garden area looks amazing, and I'm sure the countless people who benefit from Wesley Hall's services will benefit enormously from this new, beautiful outdoor space. It goes to show that together we can make a difference in our communities and create a safe, inclusive environment where people can realise their full potential.

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development at Leicestershire Cares

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