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Team Challenge with CPW Engineering at Enrych

28 Sep 2022

On Monday and Tuesday the 12th and 13th of September, the Community Development Team joined volunteers from CPW Engineering for a Team Challenge with Enrych.

Enrych is a charity that works to eliminate social isolation and improve wellbeing for disabled adults. They offer a range of resources, including Personal Assistants to help service users live independently and achieve social goals, volunteers who can help disabled adults access social activities, and support for service users with IT and employability skills.

I have been totally blown away by the help the Leicestershire Cares Community Development Team and CPW were able to give to one of our clients. The client’s garden got transformed in just under two days and they have made a huge difference to his and his son's life, as they are now both able to use the garden and enjoy the outdoor space. CPW went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. Enrych are so grateful for the help and support they have been given. Thank you for helping to change the lives of those we support!

Laura Crook, Community Partnership Co-ordinator at Enrych

For the Team Challenge, the CPW Engineering volunteers visited Craig, one of Enrych’s service users, at his home in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Craig’s disability makes it extremely difficult for him to maintain his garden, which he wants to be kept in good condition so that he has somewhere to spend time with his son.

The CPW Engineering team quickly buckled down and, in just one-and-a-half days’ work, were able to give Craig’s garden a complete makeover. By weeding out the messy undergrowth, trimming the hedges, installing an Astro-Turf patch, planting a variety of colourful and fragrant flowers and bushes, and even installing a new bench and climbing frame, they transformed the garden into an attractive, peaceful environment – a perfect place for a family to spend quality time together!

CPW were delighted to support Leicestershire Cares with this project. Improving the garden will hopefully make a huge impact for Craig and his son, transforming it into a useable space that they can enjoy together. It now means his son can explore the garden safely and securely, providing some quality time for the pair.

John Hauton, Director at CPW Engineering

The team also installed a new fence and lockable gate next to the alleyway entrance into Craig's garden. With this set up, Craig can now let his son play in the backyard space without needing to worry about him going out of sight or wondering into the streets in front of his home.

The Community Development Team’s Team Challenges programme puts into action Leicestershire Cares's “Power to Change” model. We endeavour to form and to strengthen collaborative networks of businesses, community groups, and service-providers who can support one another’s work in delivering lasting positive change in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

I can’t quite get over just how generous some people are. I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you to CPW Engineering for all the volunteer work that they’ve provided. Thank you, Leicestershire Cares, for organising this and for making a difference. Thank you very much!

Craig, service user at Enrych

The Community Development Team is proud of its work in brokering collaborative projects between businesses and community groups in order to support initiatives that deliver vital services to our communities. We are grateful to our business partners whose generous support enables us to develop projects that build a safer, more inclusive Leicestershire where no one is left behind.


What CPW Engineering's team have done is absolutely incredible! They have totally transformed the garden and made it into a truly wonderful, beautiful space for Craig and his son. This Team Challenge was real proof of the power that partnerships and relationships have to transform people's lives for the better. Thank you to everyone at CPW Engineering for all their hard work to support this amazing project.

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development at Leicestershire Cares

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