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Sharing our #PowerToChange learning with the National Lottery Community Fund

10 May 2023

Kieran our CEO was delighted to be asked to share learning arising from our #PowerToChange project with staff from TNLCF, as part of their “Learning Month on Young People and Transition”.

Kieran shared how we seek to work in a joined up and creative way with young people, where we support them to deal with the complex and systemic issues they face, through enabling them to develop “power within” to deal with the immediate and pressing issues, “power with” to make the connections that give them the support that enables to act and bring about change which we call “power to”. Kieran highlighted that what was different about the #PowerToChange approach was it realised that systems, as well as young people, had to change, and key to this was community, public and business sector working in creative and agile partnership, without ego, silo, or logo.

If a flower does not bloom you tend the ground around it not just the flower

The feedback on the session was really positive.

• A very refreshing presentation - engaging presenter, shooting from the hip.
• Really engaging and had some great analogies to share, i.e. treat the ground surrounding the flower, not the flower itself.
• Refreshingly open and honest and real :-)
• Brilliant presentation with some clear, key messages.
• Such an insightful session that presented cause and potential solutions. Always great to hear from passionate, experienced experts on such topics.
• Enlightening presentation with information that will be useful in my role.
• Really interesting to hear from the grant maker, and such a great project. I found presentation so interesting and learned a lot.
• I wanted to broaden my overall knowledge and this session has definitely done that. It's helped me to see what a good project in this area can look like, which is definitely going to be useful in the future

We were also pleased to hear how TNLCF staff felt learning from the session would impact on how they carried out their roles.

• This is definitely food for thought when taking into consideration the intersectionality and complexity of issues that face C&YP.
• I have never assessed a specific care focused project for CYP but feel that a lot of the messaging can be expanded to most of the thematics for CYP
• Informing decision making ref: care experienced young people and also the expectations around expected outcomes and how fixed plans can really be if they are to be responsive and agile to meet changing needs - very thought provoking in terms of our funding processes/policies.
• Longer term funding and more flexibility around prescribed outcomes.
• Good reminder to understand where YP coming from and to avoid judgement.
• We deal with such a range of apps but it's so helpful just to have some context and insight into topics such as this; I find it helps create empathy when we only have a limited amount of info and time in which to assess.
• It was really interesting to consider how we would approach a systems focused application
• We discussed as a team following the session and began to list useful consideration points / questions to consider when assessing similar projects. We will develop this list further
• The session really highlighted the importance of softer outcomes and the reality of life as someone in care being seen like a 9-5 responsibility and tick box exercise.