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The Rev Jesse Jackson. An inspirational celebration of diversity.

16 Dec 2021

Neetu, our Head of Community Development was delighted to attend the annual celebration of diversity across our city, where the special guest was the civil rights legend the Rev Jesse Jackson .

The event, hosted by the Integration Foundation, was an opportunity for community organisations, local activists and politicians to come together to celebrate the diversity of our city and the great work they all do to tackle, injustice and poverty and build understanding between communities. The presence of the Rev Jesse Jackson, was humbling for all present and a reminder of the long hard struggle many have had to endure in the fight for civil rights. It was also inspirational that he flew from the USA to show support and encouragement to local people who want to create a better world for all.

If you try you may fail, if you don't try you're guaranteed to fail

Rev Jesse Jackson

To be in the same room as a man who stood beside Dr Martin Luther King and who has done so much to promote civil rights and to fight the curse of racism was both humbling and inspirational. I can only hope in some little way the work we do can add to his vision of a world where all are treated equal

Neetu Squire Head of Community development

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