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Diversity and Inclusion: Moving Forward: Together We Can

10 May 2021

Thanks to the support of the Rank foundation we have been able to appoint Zamzam Yusuf as a full time action research officer to look at the needs of African, Afro Caribbean, Asian and East European communities across our city and county. After interviewing and consulting with 36 groups we came up with a list of recommendations:

  • Funding: We need to train and upskill groups on identifying funding streams and bid writing in partnership with business members.
  • New technology and social media: We need to support community groups to effectively utilise technology and social media. An intergenerational approach would provide work experience and progression for the young people.
  • Office/meeting room space: We need to link up businesses with community groups to offer free spaces for meetings and workshops in their buildings.
  • Covid19 transition: As restrictions ease, we need to support groups with Covid safety checks of their premises and activities with support from business members.
  • English language: We need to work in partnership with other agencies to provide ESOL classes as well as ICT classes to combat low literacy and digital skills.
  • Encourage volunteering within communities: We need to match individuals willing to volunteer with local community groups that would benefit from their skillset and talents.
  • Loneliness and isolation: We need to work with business volunteers and other charities to set up social activities to address high levels of isolation amongst the elderly.
  • Legal rights and the law: We need to hold workshops to teach the community about their employment rights.

Carrying out the research has brought home to me just what a huge asset our diverse community groups are to the city and county and if we can support them to grow and develop they have a key role to play as we transition out of lockdown and seek to build a better future for all

ZamZam Yusuf Action Research Officer

We are lucky to live in a city and county with so many diverse communities. As people start to talk about “Levelling Up” and “Build Back Better” we are determined to work in partnerships with these community groups, so we can learn from them, share skills and knowledge and support their voices and lived experience shaping and driving the local development agenda

Neetu Squire Head of Programmes Community Development