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Reflections for change

5 Oct 2021

As part of our commitment to ongoing development and learning, we took time out on Friday to reflect on what we are learning from our efforts to implement our “Power To Change Model”. Participants, felt the model, was a useful framework that enabled us to strategise how best we support young people. The team felt the model captured the complexity of the context in which we work and its emphasis on creativity and agility made us able to adapt and respond to the many interlocking challenges young people and community groups we work with face. We also felt that time and time again our practice showed how important it is to work in partnership across community, business and public sectors.

We spent time looking at change, how it happens and the different narratives, people have for understanding and explaining change. We noted that many of the young people we work with are often going through constant chaotic enforced change and are often reacting to this. We also shared that young people and communities given support and encouragement can use their lived experience to be powerful advocates for systemic change.

The team identified various challenges, that included, some organisations being unwilling to work in partnership, often because they are worried about funding and want to “own” the work they do.

We realise that many community groups are facing a tough time and may well be distrustful of working in partnership with other agencies. That is why we put so much emphasis on trying to build trust, offering concrete support and really seeking to work with

Neetu Squire Head of Community Development.

Going forward the team felt we should seek where possible to have more joint delivery for example UP, Voices and YES having joint work tours, employability sessions and social trips. They also felt the Community development team could work with CYP team to identify ways community partners could support YP and even offer work experience.

There are lots of ways we can do more joint planning and delivery across our team and this will not only benefit the young people and communities we work with, but also make us a stronger team

Catalina Taban Development Officer YES project

I came away from the day feeling really inspired , I especially liked the way we looked at how change has happened in our own lives, what we have learnt from that experience and how we often make value based assumptions about what works when it comes to change for young people and community groups

Jennifer Rodall Programme Support Office YES

I am keen to do even more to encourage and support the business sector to partner with us, the more networks the young people have access to the more potential opportunities they have access to

Siobhan Hirrell Development Manager UP Project