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#PowerToChange partners keen to develop and work in partnership

31 Mar 2023

The first half of the meeting focussed on briefing Kieran, our CEO, on issues and asks, he should raise for his upcoming meeting with the City Mayor. All present, recognised, that all councils are working against a backdrop of cuts to funding and services and increased demand, but they felt this made the case for partnership working even stronger. Points raised included:

"Let’s have proactive systemic partnership meetings between the community ,city council and business sector”

“For those of us who have been given city council properties, could they help with maintenance”

“ Could the council let some of the umbrella community organisations, work out of city hall, if there is empty space due to homeworking”

“ Language and lack of digital access a big issue, can we build on success of projects like MoneyWise Plus, but also recognise a lot of people still need face to face support”

“ We need more engagement and “proper” consultation between the city council and communities”

“Young people in our city are in danger of being left behind, we need to invest in youth provision, the devil makes work for idle hands”

“ Would be good if officers, Cllrs, and community groups could participate in training together on participatory partnership work and visit examples of good practice developed in other councils”

“ We accept council staff might benefit from homework, but they do still need to be out and about visiting community groups, seems like when they are at work, they are office bound?”

“We think our grassroots experience, skills and knowledge, developed, through delivering support and services to those most in need can be of great value to the council, when it comes to developing effective service provision”

We were then joined by, Gary Beharrell, the Lloyds Bank Foundation, Manager for the East Midlands region. Gary briefed us on the funding opportunities coming from the foundation and the general state of the charity sector.

These are challenging times and the issues your raised in your discussion are echoed across the region, need is rising , services are being cut back and donors have less money to give

Gary encouraged groups to apply to the foundation for support and noted that they focussed their grants on groups that were registered charities with income between 25k and 500K. The foundation was really interested in how it could help organisations grow and develop. Those present who had received funding from the foundation were very positive about the support they offer.

As well as core funding they provided training and support for us to develop a funding strategy. I always feel like they are on our side and here to support and add value, rather than impose their agenda

The meeting ended with the obligatory team picture and all present, were keen to hear feedback from , Kieran ,after he met with the city Mayor.

This groups is a really positive platform, helps me see above the everyday issues and I think by working together we can be a force for good


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