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The Power Within To GET AHEAD

1 Mar 2022

We have come to the end of the first cohort of our 6-week employability programme, GET AHEAD. The participants underwent six weeks of intensive employability programme to gain the skills and knowledge to be work-ready.

Throughout the six-week, we delivered sessions on CV building, Job Searching, Preparing for interviews, workplace behaviours, employee rights and responsibilities. The programme ended with the participants having a mock interview with a business volunteer.

We increased the focus on Personal Development by incorporating various team-building activities. These activities allowed our participants to gain essential life skills like problem-solving, listening, leadership, and creative thinking.

100% of the participants who completed the 6-week programme feel they can now create and update a CV, are comfortable job-search independently and know how to prepare for an interview. They all think that the programme helped them learn how to work as part of a team and increased their confidence and motivation.

60% feel they are work-ready, and 40% feel it got them a lot closer to the job market.

Working as part of a group helped the participants build positive relationships with other young people that have had similar experiences or face the same barriers. Working with our Power To Change model we identified that when young people are encouraged to think more collectively about the context and environment in which they have been growing up and how that may have shaped them, it can be a transformational experience.

Within our employability programme, we observed a great increase in self-esteem, confidence, motivation and communication skills.

Congratulations to all the young people who showed up, engaged, and did the work that sometimes took them outside their comfort zone.

For more info on Power to Change Model

Thank you for the opportunity to participate with the mock interviews, it was an enjoyable experience for me

LC Business Member Rob Gee - CPW

My journey on the YES project has been great so far! Since starting I`ve been able to find my motivation for doing job applications independently. Being on the YES project has given me a lot of insight into the employment world

YES Participant