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Nelsons Employment Rights Webinar

21 Mar 2022

Leicestershire cares is dedicated to helping charities and organisations upskill, and allow them to build their knowledge, so they can provide better service to their participants.

Clear knowledge of employment rights and contracts are crucial to these organisations to ensure they have best practice and can give the best opportunities to their employees.

We had the opportunity to help 13 participants from various local organisations understand employment rights and law as well as zero-hour contracts and unfair dismissal.

Nelsons Solicitors were kind enough to offer their knowledge to these groups during a webinar on the 16th March. Laura and Ella talked through issues and good practice when it came to zero-hour contracts as well as reasons, rights and remedies for unfair dismissals.

All feedback from our participants was positive and everyone that attended said it was informative and helpful for them moving forward.

We found it really and It was an informative session which has enabled me to be more confident to deliver to my community groups.

Rana, Adhar Project

It was great to collaborate with Leicestershire Cares on delivering the webinar to our community stakeholders.

Laura, Nelsons Solicitors

We would like to thank Laura and Ella from Nelsons for delivering such a great and informative webinar.

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