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Leicestershire Cares Eggstravaganza 2022

28 Apr 2022

In the run-up to Easter Sunday this April, the Community Development Team, with the support of businesses, decided to give something back to local community groups across the city and the county.

We would like to say a huge thank you for your kind donation to the children that attend The Northfields Playbarn. They were over the moon with their Easter Eggs, and they all participated in a large Easter Egg hunt. We are so grateful for your help, and you have made a real difference to the local children’s Easter.

Tia Ross, Senior Play Development worker, The Northfields Playbarn

The plan was to deliver as many chocolate Easter eggs as the Team could manage, so they could serve as a seasonal treat for many children, young people, and families who are in fear of being left behind.

A formidable task for sure. But we thought we’d take a crack at it (if you’ll eggs-cuse the yolk!)

A big thank you to Neetu from Leicestershire Cares for their donation of Easter Eggs to give out to those dropping in to use the food bank.

Arif Voraji, Help the Homeless Leicester

With the support of 9 business members and 45 staff graciously volunteering their time, the Community Development Team were able to deliver a grand total of 1165 eggs to 31 community groups across city and county.

We were delighted by the abundance of positive feedback we received from our community group partners and to hear about the terrific difference this initiative made to so many people’s Easter Holidays throughout Leicestershire.

We are looking forward to building new connections and setting up new projects with city and county community groups. Together, we can make a difference to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people across Leicestershire, forming safer and more inclusive communities where no one is left behind.


We just wanted to say a big thank you for the Easter Eggs that were donated to St Andrews Play Association for the Easter holidays. We did a big Easter egg hunt, where we hid pegs and the children collected them to exchange for an egg. They had great fun and we gave out over 75 eggs to the children. the older ones helped marshall the egg hunt as volunteers. Thank you once again for your kind donations.

Lisa Palmer, Play Leader, St Andrews Play Association

We want to say a huge thank you to all our business members and partners who helped us in our Eggstravaganza campaign. Without you, we would not have been able to reach and give our support to as many people as we did.

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development, Leicestershire Cares

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