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Interview Technique at Lutterworth High School

12 Apr 2022

We really appreciate the time you have given to interview our students today. It is so great to have volunteers back in the school again and we appreciate the volunteers who gave remote interviews, as this is another skill that the students need to gain for the future.

Lutterworth High School spokesperson

Last Wednesday, members of the Community Development Team volunteered to visit Lutterworth High School and provide interview technique training to Year 10 pupils.

Project Support Officer Edgar Roberts and Homelessness Development Officer Jess Strutt joined a group of business volunteers in the Lutterworth High School library to run mock job interviews, give students advice, and complete feedback forms for their use.

There were a lot of young people to interview, but tenacity and dedication enabled volunteers to interview more than 160 students throughout the morning. (A wonderful fruit and pastry platter plus hot drinks, graciously provided by the school, didn’t hurt either!)

Edgar and Jess completed their interview session by selecting students who made a particularly great impression to receive “Star Candidate” certificates, handed out to pupils the following day in school assembly.

I think the lady that interviewed me was very kind and confident she asked very insightful questions.


Our Education Team and partners believe the interview training sessions provide young people across our city and county with a vital, informative, and empowering experience that will enable them to realise their full potential beyond education and in adult life.


I was enormously impressed by the level of preparation and focus the students put into this process. I met pupils with aspirations of becoming an athlete, a chef, an accountant, plus a fantastic Star Candidate who wanted to become a personal trainer. Every single one showed a willingness to learn from their interview so they’d be more able to realise their goals in adult life.

Edgar Roberts, Project Support Officer, Community Development Team

I was very impressed with the year 10 Mock interviews. They answered the questions with great understanding and gave insightful, well thought out answers. They all had excellent strategies to cope with the nerves of being interviewed and presented well. They are a credit to Lutterworth high school.

Jess Strutt, Homelessness Development Officer, Community Development Team