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The Community Development Team Attend Barbeque Fundraiser at Sytner Group

1 Aug 2022

Last Monday, the Community Development Team attended a barbeque fundraiser organised by Francesca Summer at Leicestershire Cares’ business partner Sytner Group.

The barbeque brought together staff from Sytner Group and attendees of some of Leicestershire Cares’ partner community groups, including a group of boys from the Somali Communities Parents Association (SOCOPA), for a day of good food, good fun, and a hugely successful fundraiser raffle.

It is fantastic to be able to get our team together and raise money for such a worthwhile cause at the same time. We are astounded by the amount of money that will go towards supporting the local community, and it was made all the more poignant that the people that will benefit were able to join us on the day.

Francesca Summers, Human Resources Project Manager at Sytner Group

Attendees arrived at noon to sample a variety of delicious barbequed food for lunch. Coupled with a playlist of fantastic hit tunes pumped out of a PA system and a variety of exciting games and activities, the lunch was the perfect opportunity for the Community Development Team to reconnect and network with their community and business partners.

The Team had a lot of fun taking part in a few game of Jenga with employees at Sytner – we promise we didn’t pull out the losing block!

I’d like to say an enormous thank you to Francesca Summers at Sytner Group for organising the barbeque fundraiser! The £940 raised is an incredibly valuable and generous contribution to our vital work on the Community Development Team. All of us had a wonderful time and anticipate working with Sytner Group on many more occasions in the future.

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development at Leicestershire Cares

The day ended with Francesca Summers leading a fundraiser raffle, with prizes including fine wines, designer clothes, and an artisanal cake shaped like a Prada handbag!

Also taking part in running the raffle were the boys from SOCOPA. They enjoyed being able to engage with Francesca, as she has been sponsoring the uniforms used in SOCOPA’s young people’s basketball training sessions, set up with the help of the Community Development Team at Leicestershire Cares.

We had a terrific day at the barbeque. It was great getting to meet Francesca Summers from Sytner, who sponsored the uniforms for our youth basketball group. We're so grateful for their support. Thank you!

Yahye from the Somali Communities Parents Association (SOCOPA)

The raffle raised a grand total of £940 for Leicestershire Cares. We would like to say a huge thank you to Francesca and everyone at Sytner Group who worked to raise this money and for all the support Sytner have given us throughout the years!

The Community Development Team looks forward to making future collaborations with businesses in order to support community groups that deliver vital services throughout Leicestershire. We would like to take the time to express our enormous gratitude to all our business partners whose generous support enables us to develop projects that build a safer, more inclusive Leicestershire where no one is left behind.


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