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City Mayor keen to work in partnership

3 Apr 2023

Kieran, Our CEO, was very pleased to catch up with City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, to discuss how we could further develop our partnership work.

Sir Peter was joined, by Assistant Mayor, Mustafa Malik and Andrew Shilliam, Head of the City Mayors office, and shared that the city council had been hit hard by cuts so, he was always keen to look at how the city council can benefit from partnership working. Mustafa shared the VCSE strategy, that should now come out after the May elections, will put a lot of emphasis on meaningful engagement of the community sector.

In discussion Kieran shared how Leicestershire Cares and our #PowerToChange partners group were:

Keen to see proactive systemic attempts to join up business, community, and public sector to address key local issues, which might include youth employment, crime, health, and mental wellbeing and developing local neighbourhoods. Our sense is key to this working successfully is the ability of partners to seek to work without ego, silo, or logo in a creative and agile way where they can adapt to the ever-changing context in which we operate

Sir Peter was excited by the prospect of including the business community in local development discussions with the public and community sector and we agreed Kieran would work with Andrew and his team to come up with steps, as to how we can take this forward after the May Elections. We all agreed we did not want a talking shop, but an action orientated group, that was focussed on developing and delivering practical change.


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