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Business Champions gather to support our projects for the coming months.

26 Oct 2023

It was a real pleasure to catch up with our Business Champions, to discuss how we can partner together over the coming months.

The event started with Danielle Young from Nelsons Solicitors, being presented with our Star Business Champion award for her great work over the last six months.

The team then shared plans to develop our SEND work by supporting SEND young people aged 16 to 25 transitioning into work. We feel there is a lot our business partners can do to support is work and those present were keen to support this much needed work.

Our Community development team shared how we will be rolling out festive challenges and our #BagsOfHope campaign over the next few weeks and are keen to go even better than we did last year. This is a real opportunity for the business community to connect with those communities who are in danger of being excluded.

We also discussed the possibility of business volunteers supporting children and young people in hospital and the Champions, thought, with support this was something their colleagues would be keen to do.

As we discussed our work various comments and feedback included:

Its great to be able to partner with Leicestershire Cares so we can give back to the community

Leicestershire Cares staff make it easy for us to support communities and young people

Really looking forward to the festive challenges and #BagsOfHope

Am very interested in the possibility of supporting young people in hospital

Just wanted to thank all your staff for the great work they do

We are looking forward to partnering with our business partners over the coming months, and as always, our emphasis will be on working without silo, ego or logo so everyone in our city and county can thrive.

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