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Best Thing about working for Leicestershire Cares

3 Aug 2023

Our team met on Tuesday 1st August to reflect on the learning arising form our work over the past year. Some of the achievements were staggering ,we have supported over 11,000 young people in schools, over 300 young people seeking work and supported over 70 community groups and mobilised hundred of business volunteers to partner with community, young people , schools, and public sector. We have also enabled young people and community partners to feed into local and national policy and practice forums and debates. As we ended the day we asked the staff, to share what they felt was the best thing about working for Leicestershire Cares.

All the amazing success we have delivered with young people, community, and business partners.

Business and community linking up for positive change.

The emphasis on creativity, agility and adapting to community and young people needs.

The diverse team and the way we share knowledge and skills.

The friendly can-do work culture.

Shared vision with young people and community at the centre.

Staff genuinely care.

Nice positive buzz, staff willing to listen and learn.

Staff are so helpful and supportive.

Passion and drive, and fact we now have such a positive reputation that people and groups seek us out for partnership and support.

Culture of kindness.

Freedom to be creative.

We are set up to bring about change and real pleasure to partner with so many wonderful people to make this happen.

It was really pleasing for all present to have an opportunity to share and learn from each other and great to see that that our teamwork values of Creativity, Agility, Kindness, and Empathy really do drive our work.

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