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#BagsOfHope turning despair into hope across our city and county

9 Dec 2021

Across our city and county, the business community has been stepping up to collect for our #BagsOfHope campaign. We have partnered with a diverse range of community groups who have identified families and individuals young and old who need support this Christmas. This network of local community groups liaise with our staff team and bags are given to those who need them.

Its such a simple idea, but giving a bag of essential items and some treats to someone in need ,really is a boost that shows them our community cares, they are not alone and they have support

Neetu Squire Head of Community Development.

Of course we know people need more than just bags of hope which is why in the New year, we will be further developing and rolling out our “Power To Change Approach” which seeks to build creative and agile partnerships between community, business and public sector so nobody is left behind.